Mike Vertal, President and CEO of Crafter Software discusses SaaS-based Web Content Management Systems

Nov 01, 2017

Article ImageThe modern Web is immersing us into a new era of engagement. As a result, today’s leading enterprises are constantly striving to achieve higher levels of user engagement by providing fresh, personalized, and relevant content to target audiences, all through a consistent multi-channel user experience.

At the same time, most enterprise software is moving to cloud, SaaS-based solutions. Enterprises are moving to the cloud to take advantage of flexible pricing, faster updates, less IT involvement, and a custom development experience in the cloud.

Meanwhile users of legacy content management systems struggle to achieve any level of customer engagement, and a mediocre experience in the cloud. Most of today’s CMSs were built over a decade ago, and remain inflexible. The best they can do in the cloud is to run as a “managed service”.

Today’s leading enterprises are now turning to modern, SaaS-based Web content management systems as the solution of choice. Modern CMS solutions provide organizations with the flexibility and agility needed to modernize and quickly accomplish the tasks that drive results and propel business growth.

Crafter Software is honored to be recognized by eContent as an industry leader with a new and modern approach to SaaS-based Web content management in this era of customer engagement.

Crafter Cloud is a full featured, enterprise-grade SaaS content management system with user-friendly authoring tools, easy integration support, high-performance content delivery, powerful personalization and content targeting capabilities, and a suite of modern cloud-based development tools for creating compelling digital experiences. Crafter was designed with flexibility and scale needed for true cloud-based Web content management, enabling marketing, sales and support teams to author and manage content while harvesting analytics and data-driven insights to deliver engaging experiences across all digital channels - the Web, mobile, social, and more. For more information on Crafter Cloud visit craftercloud.io.

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