Jim Edmunds, President and CEO of Ingeniux Corporation: How Content Management Technologies Supports Digital Storytelling

Dec 01, 2015

Ingeniux CEO

View from the Top by Jim Edmunds, President & CEO

Our focus is making Ingeniux CMS the best solution for managing the digital experience. To meet this goal we've leveraged our inherent architectural advantages and created a whole new set of solutions for managing websites, portals, mobile, intranets, and customer support.

We've added a groundbreaking responsive page builder for web and mobile views, updated our Digital Asset Management features to make documents, images, and media first class content citizens. We've enhanced content discovery with our InSite search application. And created CRM connections to sync customer data for better marketing and customer service.

Content Marketing Institute in its annual survey found 78% of CMOs believe content is the future of marketing. Content has the magic to inform, instruct, and entertain. It delivers engaging customer service. It's an electromagnet to attract new customers, and strengthens customer loyalty.

Anyone who creates and manages content for web, mobile or social is a digital storyteller. Content management technology has truly become the enabler that brings together all your content to quickly deliver those stories and win the hearts of your customers.

The EContent 100 showcases the best solutions for managing digital content. We are proud to be part of this community. It inspires us. Ultimately, it's a reflection on not only our technology, but more importantly the creativity and innovation of our customers who use Ingeniux CMS to deliver market leading digital experiences.

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