Jim Edmunds, CEO and Founder of Ingeniux, Talks About Breaking Down Your Content Silos

Nov 01, 2016


Article ImageDelivering great digital experiences requires an expanded view of digital marketing, and a different kind of Web Content Management system.

Organizations often struggle to create a connected customer experience with relevant content and features for everyone–from first-time visitors to your website, to users who are fully engaged with your organization and brand.

Ingeniux CMS is designed to manage and deliver modern websites, customer support portals, online communities, and other customer touchpoints. Our unique content-as-a-service capabilities can deliver content into web and mobile applications, and other key venues. We enable organizations to orchestrate the entire customer experience–from acquisition, to sales, to support and service – across any device, application, or website.

We build content management software with an unparalleled focus on the content itself. That starts with an intelligent content model that delivers powerful content re-use, enables true mobile and multi-channel content delivery, and provides insightful content discovery.

Ingeniux CMS is the first major Web CMS platform built on a NoSQL architecture that delivers Big Data-like innovation. Ingeniux CMS boasts a new and improved user interface that eases the creation and delivery of content-driven websites and customer experiences.

Almost 20 years into the content management revolution, our industry is facing big challenges. The proliferation of information and the myriad of platforms for managing that information has essentially sequestered content, and the information we need to do our jobs, into disconnected silos. The saying “content wants to be free” is no longer just about a business model; it’s about liberating information and making it available when and where we need it.

It’s time to break down the silos. Our vision for the future of content management is much like yours. One platform to create, manage and deliver your content across the entire customer experience.

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