Jamie Glass, CMO and EVP of Global Services Lines within Welocalize Discusses Why Brands Need Expertise to Support Globalization Strategies.

Nov 01, 2016


Article ImageGoing Global Requires Language Support Across The Entire Content Journey.  

Welocalize offers innovative globalization services to help global brands reach audiences around the world in more than 175 languages. Growing globally is a big challenge for businesses and a common strategic imperative driven by the C-Suite. Each local market has its own unique language and cultural preferences and brands need expertise to support the globalization strategy.

At each stage of the globalization journey as companies go global, brands leverage language services to drive multilingual content development, from intellectual property through to go-to-market tactics, such as multilingual SEO, website translation and digital marketing campaigns. Today’s leading enterprises outsource many globalization and localization activities due to the specialized knowledge and language technology tools requirements. It is our role to support your content strategies that adapt to the local needs of your customers, partners and employees around the world.

To engage international audiences, many global content marketing professionals work with our global content experts at Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize Multilingual Digital Marketing Agency. Adapt Worldwide assists in the cultural adaptation of content across all digital channels. Expert teams provide SEO, transcreation, linguistic copywriting, app localization, mobile, web and paid amplification for a multitude of languages.

Welocalize, with our subsidiary Adapt Worldwide, has the unique ability to add tremendous value during every stage of the globalization journey. We are ranked the seventh largest global language service provider in the world. We have the scale, diversity and wide range of specialty language services required to meet changing customer needs, making us more than a language service provider. Many leading global brands rely on us as an integral part of their organization, critical partners to the enablement and success of their globalization strategy.

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