Bradley J. Scher, Acquire Media's CEO, Discusses Their Recently Patented Algorithm Called CONVINCE.

Nov 01, 2016

Article ImageAs a provider of business news and information, Acquire Media is selected by media, financial, and enterprise organizations for the speed, accuracy, and reliability of its digital content offerings. In addition to these advantages, Acquire Media customers also expect to benefit from the latest trends and technologies in the industry. The flow of content is constant in today’s 24-hour news cycle and the sources of information are ever-changing. As this can be overwhelming to end-users, we are continually investing and innovating when it comes to applied technologies that ease this burden. Acquire Media employs a well-credentialed team of data scientists whose role it is to develop algorithms, models, and software that bring our customers added value from the news and information we deliver.

One example of this team’s contributions is data visualization. Our platform users now utilize the latest in news visualization technologies. Uniquely focused on business information, this API-driven platform provides interactive presentations delivering valuable insights focusing on the companies, topics, people, and places in the news. With these, a quick glance can lead to valuable discovery which in turn leads to better decision making.

Another ground breaking innovation recently patented by Acquire Media is an algorithm we call CONVINCE. CONVINCE is a content optimization and recommendation engine. It uses data science to determine the optimal content sources that are most relevant to a customer’s information requirements and budget. Customers are using this methodology to make informed decisions on which sources will provide the best return for their investment. CONVINCE is to buying content what modern portfolio theory is to stock market investing.

Acquire Media is getting ready to unveil a new implementation of taxonomic design using triplestore data management. The triplestore technology is not new, but its application in our industry is gaining traction. It maps relationships between mixed content and metadata to provide a new layer of intelligence for business users in the information discovery process.

Although we have been in business serving customers for a very long time, Acquire Media continues to deliver large, meaningful advancements in content technology to our customers. Innovation is one of the best investments we can make.

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