Andrew Roberts, Co-founder & CEO for Tiny Discusses The New Way to Create Content

Nov 05, 2018

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Article ImageThe New Way to Create

A consumer-grade user experience is now the expectation for business applications. Over the last decade, file sharing, HR, and CRM applications have become as easy-to-use as Facebook and Google. Today, that evolution has reached content creation and therefore rich text editing.

Writing long-form content is as popular as ever, particularly in the workplace. For professionals to do their job, they contribute content to their systems of record. Marketers create copy and page layouts for content management systems, sales professionals send customized emails, doctors write patient notes in electronic medical records, and educators build course content in their learning management systems.

Whether an app is used to write patient notes or to create blog posts, getting the UX just right is a challenge and ultimately what counts most. The moment the user is forced to think about the tool they’re using and not the content they’re creating, friction and wasted time erode the value of the application. This is particularly the case for software that enables content authoring.

Businesses that create content will only have staying power if they remove obstacles to how that content is captured, shaped, shared and published. Ultimately, truly great business applications will require truly great writing experiences.

Tiny helped launch and scale the adoption of WordPress, Medium, Marketo, and Atlassian, and is laser-focused on helping to usher in the next era of applications for content creation. For example, the company recently launched a modern, responsive UI and a new cloud file management system, Tiny Drive. Today, more than one million developers and thousands of enterprise customers count on the TinyMCE open-source core and the extended platform of premium plugins, cloud services, and support.

The future of rich text editing is here and it will unlock tremendous opportunities for content-driven companies.


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