Adolfo Hernandez, CEO of SDL Discusses How To Expand Into Global Markets

Nov 01, 2016

Article ImageModern organizations are on a continuous quest to drive growth. Organizations have two options for doing so: innovate and create new products or expand into other markets to sell their products. Innovation is notoriously hard. It takes time, resources, and more than a little bit of luck. Few can claim they have mastered it. Expanding into global markets, however, is achievable thanks to SDL. What makes our company unique is that we are the only company that combines the most powerful content technologies in the world with the most knowledgeable experts in the language industry.

We have over 1,000 in-house ISO 9001 certified translators, 70 offices in 38 countries and our award winning global content technologies have powered some of the world’s largest sites that you probably use every day.

Far more importantly, we give 79 of the top 100 brands more options to navigate the ever-changing dynamics of global business. Whether you need linguists to interpret between two people, or technologies to handle enormous volumes of multilingual content-and everything in between- we provide a full range of solutions so you can focus more time on innovation and grow your business.

The average person today has an 8-second attention span. The first second of those 8-seconds must be in that person’s language if you expect to get to the second and onwards to a successful sale. With our technologies, solutions, expertise and our people, organizations can own the first second of every conversation with their customer. They can create a personal, relevant online experience in the language that customers dream in and reach them on the channels they use. .

It’s this powerful combination of technology and humanness that leads to global success.

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