Tools You'll Use: Ryan Hadfield, Marketing Manager, Bridgeline Digital

Oct 09, 2015

Article ImageThe right tools are an integral part of getting any job done. In the world of digital content tools are plentiful, so finding the right one for you can be tricky. That's why we ask the experts what tools they use to get their jobs done. In this month's installment, we talk to Ryan Hadfield of Bridgeline Digital.

What are your top three favorite work related apps, and why?


"Out of all the social media sites, they have changed the way content is disseminated the most. Millennials tend to read and learn about topics and trends vertically, not horizontally; the way Twitter is structured brilliantly captures this paradigm shift."

LinkedIn App

"It's useful, and I think they've found a new avenue to expand user engagement with the ‘Influencers' publication platform. "

What is favorite non-work related app, and why?


"Spotify has changed the music industry the way Napster did ... only it's legal! And while Apple's new streaming app should present an interesting alternative to Spotify, I'm hooked. Sure, the price is kind of steep, but all things considered, I spend $10 a month on much dumber things than a streaming service that gives me access to any album, by any artist, at any time."