Winning With Content Marketing: A Look at Three Success Stories

Aug 10, 2016

Article ImageWhat do Uber, ipsy, and Fitbit have in common? Content marketing has worked wonders for each brand's reputation and reach. My team and I analyzed each company's approach in a recent project to examine the impact of a smart content strategy. Even if your business isn't mega successful, content marketing creates an even playing field by leveraging your potential reach. Here's what we found.

Uber: How Clever Marketing Drives Success

Uber, which offers ride-sharing services, was founded eight years ago. Since then, the billion-dollar company has become a household name in many parts of the world--in fact, "Uber" has become a verb.

So how does Uber reach its audience? When it comes to online traffic, search is a major source of Uber's success--33% of the company's visitors come from search.

Hashtag campaigns are a great way for companies to market themselves to new users and start conversations on social media. Uber has found success in several awareness campaigns, including #UberSAFE (drunk driving awareness) and #UberHEALTH (flu-prevention awareness).

Interestingly enough, less than 8% of Uber's Facebook posts are videos, but they account for more than 15% of the company's total shares. If you produce compelling video content, you'll help engage your audience and get their attention.

Uber also keeps an active blog, publishing more than 150 articles a year. The outlet provides vital company information, like new cities where Uber is launching; it also gives the company a place to reinforce its successful social campaigns. Its blog posts are surprisingly short, running about 382 words on average. Frequent and succinct articles help the company maintain engagement and could help you do the same.

Ipsy: The beauty of a smart marketing strategy

Ipsy is a beauty-focused online community famous for its monthly Glam Bag containing personalized makeup and beauty products. Subscribers pay $10 a month for the service.

Various sources account for ipsy's web traffic. When it comes to links, nearly a third of the top sites that feature ipsy are articles written about YouTube star and co-founder Michelle Phan. According to our research, "Social media also plays a surprisingly large role in driving ipsy's online traffic - more so than for many other companies."

On Facebook, the company sends about two posts a day to its fan base of more than 4.5 million people. Ipsy also uses seasonal hashtag campaigns to generate excitement, such as #IpsyPink for Valentine's Day and #SummerLovin in July.

But ipsy shines most in its video content. The company shares high-quality tutorials produced by influential makeup artists and beauty experts, and many videos get tens of thousands of views. Providing informative how-to content is an easy way to resonate with your audience.

Fitbit: Running Toward Marketing Success

Fitbit, a company founded almost a decade ago, offers an array of wearable sensors that track steps, calories, and sleep. Even with an array of competitors, Fitbit has set itself apart as a leader in wearable fitness tracking.

We found a huge marketing success for Fitbit: "Of the top 30 sites that link to the company, more than a third are articles from health blogs and a quarter are from tech gadget blogs. The company's strategy shows that generating buzz among industry blogs can help drive traffic immensely." Fitbit uses social media to share links to its blog and to relevant media coverage, which allows fans to stay connected and get the latest news.

Fitbit's blogs are frequent--one every two days or so--and slightly lengthier, running about 660 words on average. It's found its groove in a mix of articles and listicles, with only 4% of posts being video content. This marketing channel covers a wide range: from recipes to fitness advice. The strategy is golden because it allows Fitbit to appeal to an even broader audience.

Whether you're marketing for a beauty subscription service, a fitness wearable or a ride-hailing service, one thing is certain: Content marketing is a good idea. Regardless of your industry, a smart strategy can bring home huge wins.

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