Making Snapchat More Accessible

Jul 21, 2017

Article ImageUntil 2017, Snapchat Ads were available mostly to big budget brands. But, Snapchat has launched the brand new self-serve ad manager for the purpose of buying video Snap Ads. The self-serve ad manager seeks to make Snapchat more affordable for small businesses. In the past you could only buy Snapchat Ads via a third-party or Snap’s sales team (with an extra fee), now the self-serve ad manager will enable you to make it for free without the need of any markups.

The self-serve ad manager includes a mobile dashboard to track campaigns from your phone. Advertisers control, manage, and buy campaigns for all types of Snap Ads and the Business Manager site enables users to configure the permissions and roles of team members.

However, because this platform has not always been accessible to smaller companies, Snapchat is still a mystery for many marketers. Here, we try to demystify Snapchat.

SnapChat Ad Formats

Snapchat offers just two ad formats—filter ads and attachment ads—both of which place your ads directly in user feeds.

Filter Ads—When using Filter Ads, an advertiser creates a branded filters and pays Snapchat to incorporate it in the application, where people can use the filters to decorate pictures and videos. The filter ads are great for brand awareness campaigns.

Attachment Ads—Unlike Google, Instagram and Facebook ads, the attachment ads of Snapchat use only moving creatives like GIFs and videos. These ads become visible between the users’ Snapchat stories and true to Snapchat’s ethos, they are short and sweet at only ten seconds (at most). These skippable ads include internal links that the users can click to complete a call to action--like watching your video, visiting your website, or installing your app. As such, attachment ads are great for direct response.

Get Better Results From Your Snapchat Ads

As with any marketing campaign, a carefully thought-out strategy will lead to success. But there is something more you can do to get much better results in your Snapchat Ad campaign.

  • Get Feedback—Gathering opinions from your customers and staff can help make better decisions about your strategy.
  • Be Informal and Fun—Snapchat is filled with fun pictures, and silly filters and add-ons. Taking yourself too seriously here is a bad idea.
  • Establish a Sense of Urgency—This is an age-old marketing trick, but  with its disappearing content, Snapchat is the perfect place to promote limited offers or early-bird specials.
  • Make Effective Use of Content—Say, for instance, that you’re promoting an event. You can start by telling a compelling story about the people working for the event and its guests. But you can also include feedback from attendees of previous events—andmake sure to get feedback from this year’s attendees as well.

Snapchat Don’ts

Here are the few common mistakes you can commit that will hinder your Snapchat efforts.

Stop Interacting with Other Users After Launching Your Ads

Like any social media platform, it’s important that you engage with users authentically. Simply disappearing from the platform after launching your ad is not acceptable. You must always interact with other Snapchat users and guide them in purchasing your products and services, answer their questions, and reply to their comments.

Choose the Wrong Audience for Your Campaign

Snapchat claims that it knows the ins and outs of its audience based on the data it collects about users of the platform. To select the right audience for your promotion, you must use this data carefully, especially concerning the following information:

  • Device Attributes
  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Snap Lifestyle Categories

With the exception of the Snap Lifestyle Categories, these are all common data points for any social network. Snapchat has created about 60 unique interest categories such as music festivals, political news, parenting, and more that can help you pinpoint the right audience.

Simple Rules to Follow

Successful Snapchat marketing is more attainable than ever before. Follow these simple rules, and you may be the next big thing on Snap:

  • Show what makes your company unique
  • Know your audience
  • Choose the type of ad your audience will love
  • Show your personality

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