Increasing the Value of Your Social Media Followers

Jul 01, 2016

Article ImageWhat is the value of a social media follower? This question has been asked countless times and the answer keeps getting smaller and smaller. With an explosion of branded content being pushed on social channels, individuals are receiving too much noise. Even though you may have a large list of Followers fewer people may be seeing your content than ever before.

Have you taken a look at your social impressions lately? The results are likely depressing. Often brands with more than 10k followers are getting less than 500 impressions per post. This leads many B2B companies to abandon social all together. They return to email campaigns, which are still effective, but hardly innovative at this time.

How much does your company pay for a lead? I've seen ranges from $28 all the way to $300 per form fill. All this money, just to find individuals with purchase intent.

A study by Constant Contact and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey reports that 60% of brand followers are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after following the brand on Twitter, and 50% of brand followers are more likely to buy from that brand.

We know social media Fans and Followers are brand advocates (usually), but their value keeps declining--and this decline makes sense. After all, what is the value of a lead if you do not know who they are and cannot reach them? Brands find it extremely difficult to reach even a portion of their social followers. And good luck if you want to actually learn who these advocates are.

Fortunately, new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities allow us to match social media channels with thousands of other data sources online. The result is a complete picture of the individual that includes numerous silos of information. Just as you found your high school crush's account on each social channel, AI can serve as a virtual detective. Email addresses, names, titles, previous employers, conferences attended, meetups, social connections, even photos can all be compared. And these identifiers form only part of the 50k data points AI can use to confidently match different accounts to a single person. These matches form an individual's online presence. But unlike your high school searches, AI can process this data at scale, tying together thousands of individuals and data sources with unique identifiers.

With Social AI you can speak to these leads beyond 140 characters. Knowing the individuals who follow your brand allows you to reach them across platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, search, display, even email are possible.

With better information about your audience your marketing team can craft personalized content that provides more value to consumers because it speaks to their needs. And just think of all the fun your analytics team will have with a complete data set including thousands of individuals who have expressed interest in your brand. Social AI can reverse the trend of the declining value assigned to social followers and enable new capabilities for sales and marketing teams. 

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