Gen Z is the Missing Piece in Your Content Marketing Strategy

May 24, 2019

Article ImageIf you are wondering why is your content marketing strategy’s effectiveness is diminishing, there is a good chance you are still targeting Millennials and forgetting about Gen Z. It’s time to think past the Millennials because GenZ has started to take over the internet. And guess what? They don’t want to read long for content, they have a zero tolerance policy towards inauthentic brands, and they can easily sniff out an advertisement veiled as content.

If you aren’t already targeting Gen Z then your content marketing strategy has a serious blind spot, and you need to rework it to include the Gen Z audience.

All About Gen Z

People born between 1995 and 2015 make up Gen Z. They are the youngest generation and have a purchasing power of around $143 billion. Currently, 22% of the US population is part of Gen Z, one of the largest consumer groups.

Gen Z is full of independent people with an entrepreneurial drive. They’ve never known a world advanced technology and internet and they often play the role of a decision maker.

Use These 6 Hacks to Win Over Gen Z

Let’s move on the main topic of how to market your content pieces for the Gen Z audience? Here are 6 hacks that works like a charm:

  • Tell Them The Truth — Gen Z likes authentic brands who tell the truth. Each and every piece of your content must be true to your business values, and the information presented should be truthful and accurate. You’ll need to create authentic, engaging content that helps your Gen Z customers through the purchase funnel. Sales gimmicks do not works well with the Gen Z audience, truth does.
  • Don’t Forget Email Marketing —  Gen Z likes email. As per a SendGrid study, 48% percent of Gen Z respondents expect their email use will increase in the next five years. A study by Campaign Monitor revealed that around 28% of Gen Z made a purchase 2-5 times per month because of emails sent to them by brands. So, if you think the only way to reach young people is on social media, think again.
  • Employ Influencers — If authenticity matters to Gen Z, it stands to reason that they respond well to influencers. They value the advice of the people whom they follow and avoid falling for the blatant advertisements done by celebrities. They want real people offering real advice. Nano influencers—who have thousands of followers instead of hundreds of thousands—are especially popular among Gen Z. Why? Because they know they are not paid to change their opinion. As a brand, it’s important to produce content that nano influencers would love to follow and share. You can also reach out to influencers for a guest post, building the foundation of a good relationship.
  • Create an Excellent User Experience—Remember that Gen Z audiences have higher expectations, less patience and are willing to pay more for better experiences. It’s incumbent upon you to make sure you provide excellent user experience, from the first time they look up a tutorial about your product until the moment they click the buy button.
  • Discover the “Brand Me”—Members of Gen Z are looking to discover themselves. They are very conscious of how they look, what others think about them, how many likes they receive on their pics etc. Ultimately, they want friends who help them discover the “brand me.” Your content marketing strategy needs to be in sync with this mentality. No matter what your business is, you need to identify reasons to sync your brand with the “brand me.”
  • Improve Your Brand Visibility on New Platforms— TikTok is the Twitter of videos. People can create and share shorter videos that are around 15 seconds long. Whatever you are doing, just record a video and share it with others. This platform lets Gen Z remain connected with their friends and circles using short and concise videos. As a business targeting Gen Z, you need to improve your visibility on emerging platforms.

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