VIDEO: How to Accelerate Connected Thinking Through Personalization

Aug 09, 2019

Article ImageConnectiveDX Chief Strategy Officer Jeff Cram discusses three models for organizing around personalization in this clip from his presentation at Digital Experience 2019.

Watch Jeff Cram's complete Digital Experience Conference presentation, A106. Creating Connected Experiences.


Jeff Cram: The right person at the right time, kind of came in and made this idea of connection a little bit more necessary and real, and I think using personalization as a way to think about connection is really interesting 'cause it takes the people processing data to start to organize personalized experiences and this can be done at the individual program or pilot level, not an organizational level.

So we're seeing a lot of organizations pilot connected thinking through the lens of a personalization project; as a way to maybe get the organization to see from a bigger picture what it could take to get this done and reorganize this in it in a much larger way. Something I've been really proud to be part of over the past year is this group called the Consortium of Personalization Professionals; there's a few in the room in the back, but there's a group of us that have met a few times and really started to think about how are we really advancing personalization as an industry and what does it take to make personalization something that actually happens instead of the phase two that never happens, that we talk about a lot inside our organization.

One of the things we looked at in our last meeting was the staffing models that it takes to organize around personalization and we came up with a few different models; there were three that really stuck out to me. One was what we call the pilot model. This is where like a pretty small SWAT team inside an organization gets together and says "We're just going to make this happen. "What are the roles that need, typically, "organized to make that happen?" There's typically some sort of business need around an executive sponsor.

There's probably three to four people that make that happen, a strategist, someone on the content operation side, someone to design the experience, and then someone on the data and analytics side to measure it, and that's really, for the most part; assuming that some base-level technology is in place, that's really what it takes to get an initial small team around a personalization pilot.

Now for a larger organization; this one was influenced heavily by some of the work Kevin Nichols does in the back. It takes a lot more than that, so a large global brand trying to really roll out an enterprise- level personalization strategy, this takes a lot of different functions. So you move across the strategy function which now has a team across product and strategy and probably the different regions, to design a content group that's probably an established function, to a research capability, which is one of the things that kind of separates some of these at scale brands; in terms of bringing that customer insight more directly into the personalization effort, to a more advanced technology capability that's looking to drive this beyond the pilot, but really at scale over a longer period of time.

So this is what you typically see in what I would call a more large scale enterprise model. And then, lastly, you have the team of one, which is just the product-centric growth hacker that's saying "We're gonna get this done." It might be one person that has a product ownership role that's doing all the work; you see this a lot in more digital ad and product like companies, but also in larger organizations, individuals are just taking control of this mode and just making it happen and I think this is an interesting model to look at.

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