VIDEO: Four Key Platforms that Power Omnichannel

Jun 28, 2019


Article ImageReal Story Group Founder Tony Byrne identifies the four platforms that underpin omnichannel architectures in the enterprise in this clip from his presentation at Digital Experience 2019.

Watch Tony Byrne's complete Digital Experience Conference presentation, A104. Visualize--then Optimize--Your DX Stack.


Tony Byrne: Many of you have looked into customer data platforms. Many organizations kind of built these on their own. Some organizations are still choosing to build these on their own, sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not.

This omnichannel content platform is really interesting. This is a space that's kind of calved off from parts of the WCM world and parts of the DAM world. In this idea that I can have a core set of shareable assets that can be used across all different channels. That marketplace is very young and still kind of in formation. Journey orchestration and decisionining, very interesting as well.

A long history of this technology going back to direct mail in advertising days now kinda getting retooled for the digital era. And then of course a variety of operations hubs. So, these are areas where if we're serious about omnichannel we need to think about investing here, whether it's bringing in new technology or not.

These are things to think about, and one of the arguments that we make is that where you spend less than is potentially at the engagement tier. Right, because what happens is your WCM platform and your email platform become, not decision systems, they're not smart, they're order takers. The orders are happening below.

Your web content management system is just executing on it, right? And this, we're seeing some organizations, in many cases used to spending seven, eight figures a year with the likes of Adobe, Sitecore, Acquia really rethinking this, right? And saying, "I don't need that much intelligence there, 'cause that's just one channel. I wanna push the intelligence lower and make it enterprise-wide and spend less and get lighter, Because I'm not asking my WCM platform to be that smart anymore."

It just has to be able to assemble things, and marketing people have to use it to create great experiences.

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