The Top 100 Companies in the Digital Content Industry: The 2016-2017 EContent 100

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Article ImageThe EContent 100 list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry is now in its 16th year. Similar to most adolescents, it’s going through some changes. We added new judges and new categories. As a result, we’ve got many new companies on the list. Among other changes, this year we added Online Video as a standalone category. We all know that video’s popularity is on the rise; and as it’s becoming a bigger part of the content puzzle, it clearly needed its own category.

As always, the EContent 100 represents the most important companies in the digital content industry, but it also reflects the trends in the industry that will be integral to success in the coming year. Within these pages, we hope you’ll find the solutions you need to keep ahead of the competition.

Theresa Cramer, Editor, EContent

CompanyCategoryExecutive Summary
Acquia, IncWeb Content Management 
Acquire MediaDistribution & DeliveryView From The Top Profile
Acrolinx GmbHContent Creation 
Actian Corp.Big Data 
Act-On Software, Inc.Digital Marketing Technologies 
Adobe Systems, IncContent Creation, Digital Marketing Technologies, Mobile Content, Online Video, Web Content Management 
Akamai TechnologiesDistribution & Delivery, Inc.Big Data, Distribution & Delivery 
Apple, Inc.Distribution & Delivery, Mobile Content 
Aptara, Inc.Content Creation 
AquafadasMobile Content 
Aria Systems, Inc.Content Commerce 
AtexWeb Content Management 
Atypon Systems, Inc.Content CreationView From The Top Profile
Automattic, Inc.Content Creation, Web Content Management 
Brightcove, Inc.Online Video 
BuzzSumoSocial Media 
Ceros, Inc.Content Creation 
Cision US, Inc.Analytics 
ClarabridgeAnalytics, Big Data 
Cloudera, Inc.Big Data 
Cloudwords, Inc.Content Translation, Localization & Globalization 
ConnotateBig Data 
ContentfulWeb Content Management 
ConvertMediaOnline Video 
CoreMedia AGWeb Content Management 
Crafter Software Corp.Web Content ManagementView From The Top Profile
Crownpeak TechnologyContent Translation, Localization & Globalization, Web Content Management 
CSOFT International Ltd.Content Translation, Localization & Globalization 
DNN Corp.Web Content Management 
EBSCO Industries, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
ElsevierDistribution & Delivery 
EphoxContent Creation 
EpiserverWeb Content Management 
e-Spirit, Inc.Web Content Management 
Evergage, Inc.Digital Marketing Technologies 
FacebookDistribution & Delivery, Online Video, Social Media, Inc.Online Video 
GoogleAnalytics, Content Translation, Localization & Globalization, Mobile Content 
Hippo B.V.Web Content Management 
Hootsuite Media, Inc.Social Media 
Hortonworks, Inc.Big Data 
HubSpot, Inc.Digital Marketing Technologies 
IBMBig Data, Digital Marketing Technologies, Mobile Content, Web Content Management 
ImpelsysDistribution & Delivery 
InfluitiveDigital Marketing Technologies 
Ingeniux Corp.Web Content ManagementView From The Top Profile
Kenshoo LtdDigital Marketing Technologies 
Kentico SoftwareContent Translation,Localization & Globalization, Web Content Management 
Krux Digital, Inc.Big Data 
LingotekContent Translation, Localization & Globalization 
LinkedInSocial Media 
LionbridgeContent Translation, Localization & Globalization 
MadCap Software, Inc.Content Creation, Mobile Content 
Magnolia International LtdWeb Content Management 
MarkLogic Corp.Big Data 
NetflixDistribution & Delivery 
NewsCredDigital Marketing Technologies, Content Creation 
The Nielsen Co.Analytics, Big Data 
OneSpotDigital Marketing Technologies 
OpenText Corp.Web Content Management 
OracleBig Data, Digital Marketing Technologies, Web Content Management 
Pandora Media, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
PivotshareOnline Video, Content Commerce, Distribution & Delivery 
PLACED, INC.Analytics 
ProQuest, LLCDistribution & Delivery 
PublishThis (American City Business Journals)Content Creation 
Quark Software, Inc.Content CreationView From The Top Profile
RealviewContent Creation, Mobile Content 
Reprints Desk, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
Sajan, Inc.Content Translation, Localization & Globalization, Inc.Analytics, Big Data, Digital Marketing Technologies 
SAPAnalytics, Big Data 
SAS Institute, Inc.Analytics, Big Data 
SDL PLCContent Translation, Localization & Globalization, Web Content ManagementView From The Top Profile
Sitecore Corp. ASContent Translation, Localization & Globalization, Mobile Content, Web Content Management 
Siteworx, LLCContent Creation 
Sizmek, Inc.Digital Marketing Technologies, Mobile Content 
Skyword, Inc.Content Creation 
Smartling, Inc.Content Translation, Localization & Globalization 
SnapchatSocial Media 
Splunk, Inc.Big Data 
Spotify ABDistribution & Delivery 
Syncfusion, Inc.Big Data 
TapClicksBig Data 
TERMINALFOUR, Inc.Web Content Management (A TransPerfect Co.)Content Translation, Localization & Globalization 
TwitterSocial Media 
UberflipContent Creation 
ViglinkContent Commerce 
Vimeo, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
welocalizeContent Translation, Localization & GlobalizationView From The Top Profile
Wistia, Inc.Digital Marketing Technologies, Online Video 
WochitOnline Video 
ZoominDistribution & DeliveryView From The Top Profile
ZUMOBIMobile Content 

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My aim is always to help our readers understand how to evaluate tools within the context of their particular needs and goals. One of the ways we do that is through EContent's annual Trendsetting Products list. Each year, we turn to our inboxes, our coverage, and to our contributors to find out what products are helping content creators of all kinds stay on top of their game. I hope that you find these tools as interesting and as potentially helpful as I do!
Here are the 10 professionals who decided ?which companies would make up the EContent 100, along with category descriptions.
Each year, we receive many more submissions for the EContent 100 list than we can use, and many interesting companies don't make it onto the final list. Here we introduce you to some of the companies that caught our attention during the voting process. We'll be keeping an eye on them during the next year, and you should too.