Take Action With Business Intelligence

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Driving Performance in Real Time
The direct response marketing industry relies on measurement and action to optimize in-process campaign success. Real-time BI information can spark creative adaption designed to counter issues that could slow down ongoing campaigns.

Moulton Logistics Management, a fulfillment logistics firm, offers business intelligence via a web-based campaign management and decision support platform that enables direct response marketing clients to perform real-time analytics on every aspect of a campaign and take immediate action based on the findings.

"Real-time data and analytics are critical for direct response marketing because it completes the feedback loop of the direct response campaign," according to Patrick Moulton, VP of marketing for Moulton Logistics Management. "Instead of waiting for retail sales and returns figures to trickle back to the marketer months later, the marketer can immediately see the bottom line of a campaign after all expenses have been accounted for."

"Processes that can be analyzed and optimized via software management programs range from marketing offer versions, credit card processing statistics, carrier delivery times and customer service ratios, warehouse shipping locations and cost of delivery, call center script changes, and save the sale rates, just to name a few of the basics."

Moulton's Campaign Manager module offers a solution to handle online management and distribution of digital creative files and other shared documents, enables setup and management of offers and inventory, and allows for the modeling of direct response television (DRTV) fulfillment campaigns using comprehensive financial tools and automated compilation of cost data for break-even and pro forma cash flow analysis.

The company's DRTV DirectView Dashboard module provides single-click access to a full array of analytics tools used to audit individual performance; conduct side-by-side comparisons of telemarketing, web, and other order sources; gauge real-time campaign performance; and make adjustments on-the-fly to maximize the return on media investments.

The newest real-time tools from Moulton include a Report Writer module, which creates customized reports, eliminating the need to order specialized report forms from Moulton programmers. The company's new Sales Center add-on provides an inbound order-taking system that can be plugged in to any call center.

"Reporting is only half the battle," says Moulton. "Intelligent software can now help you manage your campaign through continuous audits of the back-end process and alerts when any of the processes fall outside of normal activity."

He continues, "Many direct response programs have reporting on the basic level, but the next generation of software like Moulton Campaign Manager 2.0 will actually allow you to interact and make changes to your campaign directly through the software in real time to correct and optimize for any red flag issues that come up. This is the future of direct response campaign management."

A variety of BI tools are in place at the Warner Music Group in Los Angeles, where senior site developer Darren Gates keeps an eye on the many activities related to websites for the Grateful Dead and other artists. These web properties encompass a range of technology and user/consumer issues that are solved with a mix of commercial applications and unique programs developed by Gates and other Warner staff members.

He says that he works with a wide range of solutions, from having an actual human presence online 24/7 to monitor and participate in chat rooms, to marshalling a variety of BI projects involving specialized proprietary software applications.

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