Meet the 18th Annual EContent 100 Winners

Nov 05, 2018

Autumn 2018 Issue

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Article ImageAnalytics. Chatbots. Machine learning. AI is here, and it’s changing everything from how we search for content to how we monitor content performance. Meanwhile, an increasingly global market for content has creators thinking about how to translate and localize their messages. But as much as things change,they also stay the same. You still need a CMS and something to help with digital asset management. You still need marketing tech (martech) and, if you’re selling content directly, you need to figure out how to monetize it. But these days, it’s more likely that some kind of AI might be helping with one or more of your daily tasks. This year’s EContent 100 list includes companies that are changing with the times and some that are leading the charge. It’s an exciting time, but it also raises a lot of questions—questions that we’ll aim to answer in 2019.

—Theresa Cramer
Editor, EContent

CompanyCategoryExecutive Summary
Acquia, Inc. Web Content Management 
Acrolinx GmbH Content Translation, Localization, & GlobalizationView From The Top Profile
Act-On Software, Inc. Digital Marketing Technologies 
Adobe Content Creation, Distribution & Delivery, Online Video, Web Content Management 
Akamai Technologies Distribution & Delivery, Inc. Big Data, Distribution & Delivery 
AMPLEXOR Content Translation, Localization, & Globalization 
Apple, Inc. Distribution & Delivery, Mobile Content 
AppNexus Content Monetization 
Aquafadas Sasu, a Rakuten Co. Mobile Content 
ARIA SYSTEMS, INC. Content Monetization 
Attivio Content Analytics 
Automattic, Inc. Web Content Management, Content Creation 
BloomReach, Inc.Web Content Management 
Brightcove, Inc. Online Video 
Buffer Social Media 
Ceros, Inc. Content Creation 
Cintell, LLCContent Analytics 
Cision Ltd. Content Analytics 
Citrix Systems, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
Clarabridge Content Analytics 
CleverTap Mobile ContentView From The Top Profile
Clipisode, Inc. Mobile Content 
Cloudera, Inc. Big Data 
Cloudwords, Inc. Content Translation, Localization, & Globalization 
Contentful Web Content Management 
Contently Content Creation, Digital Marketing Technologies 
ContentSquare Content Analytics 
Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. Distribution & Delivery, Content Monetization 
CoreMedia AG Web Content Management 
Crafter Software Corp. Web Content Management 
Crownpeak Technology, Inc.Web Content Management 
CSOFT International Ltd. Content Translation, Localization, & Globalization 
DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH Digital Asset Management 
DNN Corp. Web Content Management 
EBSCO Industries, Inc. Distribution & Delivery 
Episerver Web Content Management 
e-Spirit, Inc. Web Content Management 
Evergage, Inc. Digital Marketing Technologies 
Exeter Distribution & Delivery 
Facebook Online Video, Social Media 
Google, LLC Content Translation, Localization, & Globalization; Content Analytics 
Haivision Distribution & Delivery, Online Video 
Hootsuite, Inc. Social Media 
Hortonworks, Inc. Big Data 
HubSpot, Inc. Digital Marketing Technologies 
IBM Digital Marketing Technologies 
Impelsys Distribution & DeliveryView From The Top Profile
Ingeniux Corp. Web Content Management 
Kentico Software Web Content Management 
Lexalytics Content Analytics 
Lingotek Content Translation, Localization, & Globalization 
LinkedIn Social Media 
Lionbridge Content Translation, Localization, & Globalization 
Lucidworks Content Analytics 
Magnolia International Ltd. Web Content Management 
MainStreaming S.p.A. Distribution & Delivery 
MarketMuse, Inc.Content Creation 
MarkLogic Corp. Big Data 
MPP Global Solutions Ltd.Content Monetization 
Netflix Distribution & Delivery 
NewsCred Digital Marketing Technologies 
NEWSCYCLE SOLUTIONSWeb Content Management 
NuxeoDigital Asset Management 
OmniVirt Distribution & Delivery 
OneSpot Digital Marketing Technologies 
Oracle Web Content Management 
Pinterest Social Media 
Precision Content Authoring Solutions, Inc.Content Creation 
ProQuest Distribution & Delivery 
Pugpig (Kaldor Ltd.) Mobile Content 
Quark Software, Inc. Content Creation 
Realview Mobile Content 
Research Solutions, Inc.Distribution & Delivery, Inc. Digital Marketing Technologies, Content Analytics 
SAP Content Analytics 
SAS Institute, Inc. Content Analytics 
SDL plc Content Translation, Localization, & Globalization; Web Content Management 
Smartling, Inc. Content Translation, Localization, & Globalization 
Spotify AB Distribution & Delivery 
Sysomos Content Analytics 
Talkwalker, Inc.Social Media, Content Analytics 
TechSmith Corp.Content Creation, Online Video 
TERMINALFOUR, Inc. Web Content Management 
The Nielsen Co. (US), LLCBig Data 
Tiny TechnologiesContent CreationView From The Top Profile Content Translation, Localization, & Globalization 
TRANSPERFECTContent Translation, Localization, & Globalization 
Twitter Social Media 
Vimeo, Inc. Distribution & Delivery 
Visto (Collective, Inc.)Content Analytics 
Webtrends Content Analytics 
Welocalize Content Translation, Localization, & Globalization 
WidenDigital Asset Management 
Wistia Online Video 
Wochit, Inc. Online Video 
Wordbee Content Translation, Localization, & Globalization 
Xplanation Language Services nvContent Translation, Localization, & Globalization 
XTM International Content Translation, Localization, & Globalization 
YouVisit Content Creation 

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Each year, we receive many more submissions for the EContent 100 list than we can use, and many interesting companies don't make it onto the final list. Here we introduce you to some of the companies that caught our attention during the voting process. We'll be keeping an eye on them during the next year, and you should too.