It’s All About Community: Prerequisites for Web 2.0 Content Management

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Whether an organization is publishing a blog, a message board, or letting users upload video, it will need a strategy for managing the comments, posts, and footage that roll in once the floodgates are opened. According to these examples set by Digitaria Interactive, Prospero Technologies, and STA Travel, the key to making this task manageable is to conceive of Web 2.0 features as gathering places for online communities and then to leverage those communities to handle as much of the content policing as possible.

The search, analytics, and notification systems in Sitecore, CommunityCM, and RedDot make repurposing and sifting through Web 2.0 content easy, experts say. Managing the content creators is the more pressing issue. By including users in the development process, safeguarding those users, cultivating ambassadors from among them, and respecting their views, an organization can spend less time defending its editorial standards and more time thinking of new ways to use its content.

Williams acknowledges that incorporating interactive features into a website can be intimidating, but he believes it is well worth the effort. Organizations can gain valuable new customer-created assets, which they can leverage “time and time again,” he says. They will also create “a much more tangible connection” between themselves and their customers that can result in longer visit duration, more page views, and deeper sessions. “All the traffic metrics are certainly enhanced,” he says.

While managing dynamic content will certainly pose challenges, it is likely to bring rewards as well. As Williams puts it, “There’s not a company or a business in the world that does not benefit from hearing from and interacting with customers.”

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