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Dec 21, 2012

December 2012 Issue

Article ImageBookouture

It's often said that traditional publishers simply have too much overhead and too little flexibility to be nimble enough to truly thrive in today's digital publishing environment. Enter Bookouture. The company describes itself as "bespoke publishing," with individualized attention for each author.
The company says, "For most authors outside the bestseller lists, traditional publishers simply aren't adding enough value to justify low royalty rates." And Bookouture is aiming to change that with the nimbleness of a startup and the wisdom of experience.


There are plenty of social networks hoping to compete with Facebook, but the folks at BranchOut wisely chose to build an app that uses Facebook's existing network to help users identify professional contacts. According to the company, "With BranchOut users leverage their existing friend networks to find their inside connections at top companies. They use these connections to find jobs, recruit talent, find sales leads and meet interesting professionals."
BranchOut reports more than 30 millions users and more than 400 million professional profiles, bringing a touch of LinkedIn to Facebook. 


If Pandora and Spotify aren't good enough at reading your every mood, then we have the solution for you: Stereomood. This tool allows you to create playlists for every occasion and mood-tagging and sharing your music. Stereomood's site asks, "How many times do we search music streaming sites for tracks similar to the ones of our favorite artists, wanting to evoke the feeling of their music, but end up being let down by the other tracks that come along?"

Moreover, the songs are curated from music blogs across the web, allowing music buffs around the globe to help introduce you to new music for every mood.


Flowsee-launched in beta during October 2012-bills itself as a "sharing network on which you can share, promote or advertise and reach the whole world with a single post." Rather than sharing content with your connections, Flowsee aims to put content first and allow people to connect around it. Good content is voted on and filters to the top.

All types of content are welcome, and Flowsee connects to your favorite social networks to widen your sharing circle.