In Focus: A Profile of Sitecore A/S

Article ImageContent management system (CMS) and portal software solutions-provider Sitecore has built a strong presence in the U.S., the U.K., and Scandinavia in its more than five years in business, with more than 700 partners currently located in 50 countries across the globe. The CMS provider also retains its international focus on the customer side and continues to develop offerings that have a true global appeal. “We speak a lot of languages,” says Sitecore CEO Michael Seifert. “We gain balance and best practices from partners and customers worldwide, which involves extra effort, but we think overall gives us better results. We get a lot of global leverage for a company under 100 people.”

Still, Sitecore thinks large and does all it can to create products that will attract customers in practically any region of the world and companies of nearly any size. In April, Sitecore incorporated software from Clay Tablet Technologies that enables its customers to translate their websites into any language they choose—and keep all content updated in the process. Sitecore has also spent 2007 working on solutions that will fit customers regardless of the size of their companies.

“We found 2007 to be the year of scalability,” says Seifert. “Our years of effort in making sure our core content management system is both extensible and open—although this is hard to do—has paid off. What we introduced this year [are] several solution packages built on top of our core CMS product, which allow our product to scale to larger portal needs of large customers, or be driven via our starter kit and templates to the needs of the smaller customers.

“What excites me the most about this is that it all uses our same Sitecore technology, so our partners and customers have a far lower total cost of ownership because of the consistent user interface, command set, and interfaces,” Seifert continues. The company strives to provide “one-stop partnering, small to big, for the creative design agencies and the technical web integration companies who implement Sitecore as part of their overall projects for end customers.” In August, Sitecore launched an intranet portal service that allows customers to use their current web CMSs to give employees a more robust intranet experience, one that can equal the experience users already have with that customer’s website. The intranet portal offering is customizable and enables customers to add a variety of interactive features, such as global calendaring, discussion forums, opinion polling, canteens, and blogs. It also enables customers to reduce their spending on IT deployment and operations while boosting operational efficiencies.

The backbone of Sitecore’s suite of offerings is its CMS product. Sitecore is built on a .NET platform and can be integrated with many customers’ other applications, such as CRM and ERP systems. Sitecore also utilizes XML, XSLT, CSS, and XHTML.

Sitecore continued its strategy of building partnerships throughout 2007, inking an alliance with Digitaria, a digital marketing and technology firm, to help the firm’s clients more effectively manage their websites and intranets. One of those clients, the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, was able to employ the latest Web 2.0 functionality on its site—from content tagging to advanced multimedia delivery and social networking capabilities—with Sitecore’s software solutions. Sitecore followed this alliance with its September 2007 announcement of a partnership with European IT services provider Fujitsu, which will give customers a global hosting service that is expected to become a Software as a Service (SaaS).

Future plans for Sitecore include a continued ability to utilize the latest technology and its own industry knowledge to satisfy the ever-growing web needs of its customers. Seifert feels the company is well-positioned to help customers catch the next wave of technology. “For the future, we are seeing the first signs of ‘Web 3.0’ on the horizon as the result of emerging Microsoft technologies—SilverLight and Software Plus Services—and our sharp edge,” says Seifert. “This exciting change will bring more compelling web experiences to customers and have businesses focusing on hard results, profits, and ROI through amazingly creative solutions. The web is maturing and we’re smack in the eye of the tornado, making exciting and amazing solutions with corporations worldwide.”


Fun Fact: CEO Michael Seifert is a computer-gaming fanatic. He wrote one of the early and popular online versions of World of Warcraft when he was in school, and he would have pursued a career in gaming development if his father hadn’t guided him toward a master’s degree in computer science.