Editor's Note - EContent Gets Wuli-ed

Content anywhere, anytime. You need it, you know you do, and just to make sure, EContent has teamed up with a company called WuliWeb (http://www.wuliweb.com) to satisfy your inner packrat and your urge to share with the rest of the class. Starting with this issue, you can save the articles that you'll want to refer back to later, on a free Web-based account maintained by WuliWeb

WuliWeb is an outfit that allows the sharing and distribution of magazine articles and advertisements. You've probably already seen the little swooshy "W," a barcode, and a number at the bottom of the articles in this issue. If you go to www.wuliweb.com and set up an account (free), you'll have access to an interface that, while working via your keyboard, allows you to enter the numerical code (a WuliCode, of course!) associated with a particularly interesting or useful article and instantly bring up an electronic version. Advertisements can have an associated WuliCode too. The bar code is for those of you who already have a scanning device.

From there, you can save the article into your collection (keywords are automatically extracted for easy searching later) and email the article to your colleagues so they can share your discovery. If you have a wireless PDA, you can beam it to them as well. If your colleagues don't have a WuliWeb account, they'll be prompted in the email to set one up (free) so they'll have access to the information you send them.

There are more features that add to the functionality, but I'll let you play with those once you set up your account rather than go into them here. What we're hoping to accomplish is a sort of viral distribution of some of EContent's articles and its brand. On the reader side of the equation, you get easier access to only the articles you find most beneficial and the added ability to electronically share them with your friends, for free. Publishers everywhere are experimenting with strategies to further distribute their content, and this is certainly one way to do that.

So let's review:

  1. Set up a WuliWeb account. It's free.
  2. Start entering the WuliCodes attached to the articles.
  3. Compile and manage your own database of important articles and documents.
  4. Email article codes to your colleagues.

Keep us posted and let us know how this works for you. Email letters to the editor to ecletters@onlineinc.com.