Content Marketing 50: The Top 50 Content Marketing Resources on Twitter

Jul 03, 2013

Article ImageIn June, EContent announced it was accepting votes for a new list recognizing the best and brightest in the content marketing industry. We asked for your nominations, and you obliged. With just under a week left in the nominating process, we had received 123 submissions and 53 nominees via Twitter. By the time the nomination process finally closed we had received several more names. Now, your votes have been counted, sorted through, and double-checked.  

One thing is clear: People are hungry for information regarding content marketing and all of the tools, strategies, and challenges encompassed by that broad topic. As such, The first Content Marketing 50 lists includes a wide array of experts, but all of whom recognize the importance of content marketing.

Content Marketing 50

Scott Abel -- @scottabel

Ardath Albee -- @ardath421

Jay Baer -- @jaybaer

Lisa Barone -- @lisabarone

Kipp Bodnar -- @kippbodnar

Myles Bristowe -- @mylesbristowe

Kevin Cain -- @kevinrcain

Joe Chernov -- @jchernov

Brian Clark -- @copyblogger

Heidi Cohen -- @heidicohen

Jeffrey L. Cohen -- @jeffreylcohen

Content Amp -- @contentamp

Content Experience -- @contentxpert

Content Hero -- @content_hero

Content Marketing Institute -- @CMIContent

Brendan Cournoyer -- @brencournoyer

Jonathan Crossfield -- @Kimota

J-P De Clerck -- @conversionation

Jason Falls -- @jasonfalls

Barry Graubart -- @graubart

Kristina Halvorson -- @halvorson

Ann Handley -- @marketingprofs

HubSpot -- @HubSpot

Kane Jamison -- @kanejamison

Martin Jones -- @martinjonesaz

Arnie Kuenn -- @ArnieK

Rebecca Lieb -- @lieblink

Michele Linn -- @michelelinn

Amanda Maksymiw -- @amandamaks

Kevin Maney -- @kmaney

Clare McDermott -- @soloportfolio

Gerry McGovern -- @gerrymcgovern

Michael Brenner -- @brennermichael

Jason Miller -- @jasonmillerca

Jesse Noyes -- @noyesjesse

Lee Odden -- @leeodden

Leslie Poston -- @leslie

Joe Pulizzi -- @JoePulizzi

Elise Redlin -- @RedlinCook

Resonance Content -- @resonancecont

Robert Rose -- @robert_rose

David Meerman Scott -- @dmscott

Marcus Sheridan -- @thesaleslion

Mari Smith -- @marismith

Brian Solis -- @briansolis

Mike Stelzner -- @mike_stelzner

Gary Vaynerchuk -- @garyvee

Eric Wittlake -- @wittlake

Rob Yoegel -- @robyoegel

Jeff Bullas -- @jeffbullas


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As the vice president of digital experience at the recently merged McMurry/TMG, LLC, the country's largest independent content marketing provider, Andrew Hanelly spends most of his time working to bring journalistic standards and principles into the world of brand marketing. At a point in time when increasingly savvy consumers have little patience for or interest in the dry, overt pitches that defined content marketing of yesteryear, smart brand managers are learning to adjust their strategies to create content that looks, sounds, and feels more like the kind of content they are used to consuming in social and digital media.
Why the heck was this magazine for car lovers (or, at least, Subaru lovers) doing stories about restaurants and local food? Were the chefs featured in the story picking the food up from farmers and hauling it back to their kitchens in their Outbacks? I just didn't get it.Then I realized that Subaru was just practicing good content marketing.
More than any other industry, content marketing is absolutely essential for companies in the online marketing or advertising industry. After all, content marketing is the latest, and probably one of the most effective, forms of marketing out there. How can they provide excellent marketing services to their clients when they themselves are not using one of the best marketing and advertising tools online?
Content marketing. Brand journalism. Custom content. No matter what you call it, it's clear that the place where quality content, and marketing meet is an up and coming hotspot. Content marketing isn't exactly new, but in the digital age, it's taken on a new importance and experts are in high demand. That's why EContent is introducing the Content Marketing 50, a list of the top influencers in content marketing.
EContent recently introduced The Content Marketing 50: The Top 50 Content Marketing Resources on Twitter. In sorting through your nominations we realized just how many women are influencing content marketing, one of the hottest topics in digital marketing. Not everyone could make the final list of 50 influencers, but we thought it was worthwhile to bring all of the female nominees to your attention.