4 Companies to Watch in 2017

Article ImageEach year, we receive many more submissions for the EContent 100 list than we can use, and many interesting companies don’t make it onto the final list. Here we introduce you to some of the companies that caught our attention during the voting process. We’ll be keeping an eye on them during the next year, and you should too.


Blippar says it is a “visual discovery browser using augmented reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to transform how people connect with the world.” The company is helping meld the real world with our mobile obsession. “When people are curious about objects or brands, they blipp them, and they instantly discover useful and entertaining content on their mobile device,” according to its website.


We all know that mobile devices are, increasingly, where content is created—whether you’re tweeting, taking a picture, or live streaming a video. Generate is taking your mobile content creation to the next level by turning your mobile device into a digital media production studio for stills and video.


A/B testing is becoming an integral part of any campaign or content launch. But it can be a complicated process. Wingify is trying to changed that with its VWO product, which can help you optimize and personalize your site with very little help from your busy IT department.


Yext’s Location Cloud aims to empower local businesses through location data. According to its website, you can “[o]wn, control, and manage the location data that consumers seek and search engines prioritize from a single, cloud-based platform—and connect it to every location-based service and system across the enterprise.”

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The EContent 100 list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry is now in its 16th year. Similar to most adolescents, it's going through some changes. We added new judges and new categories. As a result, we've got many new companies on the list. Among other changes, this year we added Online Video as a standalone category. We all know that video's popularity is on the rise; and as it's becoming a bigger part of the content puzzle, it clearly needed its own category.