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Nov 24, 2009

December 2009 Issue

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[ www.37signals.com ]
Category: Collaboration
Founded: 1999
Employees: 14
Chief Officer: Jason Fried, Founder & CEO
Key Product(s): Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack, Campfire

Access Innovations, Inc.
[ www.accessinn.com ]
Category: Classification & Taxonomy
Founded: 1978
Employees: 18
Chief Officer: Marjorie M.K. Hlava, President & Chairman
Key Product(s): DataHarmony, NewsIndexer, NICEM, MediaSleuth

Acquire Media
[ www.acquiremedia.com ]
Category: Fee-Based Info Service
Founded: 2001
Employees: 75
Chief Officer: Larry Rafsky, CEO
Key Product(s): NewsEdge.com , NEWS•TRADE

[ www.adenin.com ]
Category: Intranets & Portals
Founded: 1999
Employees: 22
Chief Officer: Martin Amm, CEO
Key Product(s): IntelliEnterprise

Adobe Systems, Inc.
[ www.adobe.com ]
Category: Content Creation, Production, & Digital Publishing
Founded: 1982
Employees: 7,437
Chief Officer: Shantanu Narayen, President & CEO
Key Product(s): Acrobat, Reader, Flash Player, Creative Suite, LiveCycle, Adobe, Integrated Runtime

Alacra, Inc.
[ www.alacra.com ]
Category: Fee-Based Info Service
Founded: 1996
Employees: 60
Chief Officer: Steven Goldstein, Chairman, Co-Founder, & CEO
Key Product(s): Compliance, Current Awareness, Concordance, Connections, Book, Premium, Portals, Pulse, PCAN

[ www.alfresco.com ]
Category: Content Management
Founded: 2005
Employees: 100
Chief Officer: John Powell, President & CEO
Key Product(s): Alfresco Enterprise & Alfresco Community editions

Amazon, Inc.
[ www.amazon.com ]
Category: Content Delivery, Mobile Content
Founded: 1994
Employees: 20,000-plus
Chief Officer: Jeffrey P. Bezos, President, CEO, & Chairman of the Boar
Key Product(s): Kindle

Apple, Inc.
[ www.apple.com ]
Category: Mobile Content
Founded: 1976
Employees: 21,600
Chief Officer: Steve Jobs, CEO
Key Product(s): iPhone, Apps Store

Atlassian Pty. Ltd.
[ www.atlassian.com ]
Category: Collaboration
Founded: 2002
Employees: 195
Chief Officer: Scott Farquhar & Mike Cannon-Brookes, Co-Founders & CEOs
Key Product(s): JIRA, Confluence, FishEye, Crucible, Bamboo, Clover, Crowd, Studio

Attivio, Inc.
[ www.attivio.com ]
Category: Search Technologies
Founded: 2007
Employees: 45
Chief Officer: Ali Riaz, CEO
Key Product(s): Active Intelligence Engine

Attributor Corp.
[ www.attributor.com ]
Category: Content Commerce, Content Security
Founded: 2005
Employees: Undisclosed
Chief Officer: Jim Pitkow, CEO & Co-Founder
Key Product(s): FairShare Guardian, FairShare Insight, FairShare

Automattic, Inc
[ http://automattic.com ]
Category: Social Media
Founded: 2005
Employees: 43
Chief Officer: Toni Schneider, CEO, Matt Mullenweg, President
Key Product(s): WordPress, VideoPress

Autonomy Corp., PLC
[ www.autonomy.com ]
Category: Search Engines & Technologies
Founded: 1996
Employees: 1,400
Chief Officer: Dr. Michael Lynch, OBE FREng, Co-Founder & CEO
Key Product(s): IDOL Server, IDOL Platform

Awareness, Inc.
[ www.awarenessnetworks.com ]
Category: Social Media
Founded: 1998
Employees: 50
Chief Officer: Robin Hopper, CEO
Key Product(s): Awareness SaaS

Basis Technology Corp.
[ www.basistech.com ]
Category: Search Engines & Technologies
Founded: 1995
Employees: 55
Chief Officer: Carl Hoffman, Chairman & CEO
Key Product(s): Rosette Linguistics Platform, Arabic Desktop Suite, Odyssey Digital Forensics

Brightcove, Inc.
[ www.brightcove.com ]
Category: Content Delivery
Founded: 2004
Employees: 170
Chief Officer: Jeremy Allaire, CEO & Co-Founder
Key Product(s): Brightcove Online Video Platform

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society
[ www.cas.com ]
Category: Fee-Based Info Service
Founded: 1907
Employees: 1,300
Chief Officer: Robert J. Massie, President
Key Product(s): Chemical Abstracts, STN, STN AnaVist

Cengage Learning
[ www.cengage.com ]
Category: Fee-Based Info Service
Founded: 2007 (formerly Thomson Learning)
Employees: 5,936
Chief Officer: Ronald G. Dunn, President & CEO
Key Product(s): Gale

Code Green Networks, Inc.
[ www.codegreennetworks.com ]
Category: Content Security
Founded: 2004
Employees: 50
Chief Officer: Daniel Udoutch, President & CEO
Key Product(s): Content Inspection Appliance, Content Inspection Agent

Collexis Holdings, Inc.
[ www.collexis.com ]
Category: Search Technologies
Founded: 1999
Employees: 35
Chief Officer: Bill Kirkland, CEO
Key Product(s): Collexis Expert Profiles, Institutional Dashboard, Knowledge Discovery, Dashboard-Powered by Web of Science, BiomedExperts.com, Collexis Peer Reviewer Finder, Grant Management Analysis Dashboard

[ www.connotate.com ]
Category: Search Technologies
Founded: 2000
Employees: 40
Chief Officer: Bruce Molloy, CEO
Key Product(s): Connotate Agent Community GEN2

Copyright Clearance Center
[ www.copyright.com ]
Category: Content Commerce, Content Security
Founded: 1978
Employees: 232
Chief Officer: Tracey L. Armstrong, President & CEO
Key Product(s): Rightslink, Rightsphere, Annual Copyright License

Coveo Solutions, Inc.
[ www.coveo.com ]
Category: Search Engines & Technologies
Founded: 2004
Employees: 50-100
Chief Officer: Laurent Simoneau, CEO
Key Product(s): Coveo Enterprise Search and G2b for Intranets, Email, CRM, Multimedia

[ www.dailylit.com ]
Category: Content Delivery
Founded: 2007
Employees: 5
Chief Officer: Susan Danziger, CEO
Key Product(s): Books delivered by installments via email, RSS feed, online reading community


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