2008-2009 EContent 100 List

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Dec 01, 2008

December 2008 Issue

 Quark, Inc.
[ www.quark.com ]
 Category: Content Creation, Production, & Digital Publishing
 Founded: 1981
 Employees: 1,000
 Chief Officer: Raymond Schiavone, CEO & President
 Key Product(s): QuarkXPress, Quark Publishing System (QPS), Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution (Quark DPS)

Recommind, Inc.
[ www.recommind.com ]
 Category: Search Engines & Technologies
 Founded: 2000
 Employees: 110
 Chief Officer: Robert Tennant, CEO
 Key Product(s): MindServer Enterprise Search, MindServer Categorization, Axcelerate eDiscovery, Decisiv Email, MindServer Expertise Location

Reed Elsevier
 [ www.reedelsevier.com ]
 Category: Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 1993
 Employees: 32,000
 Chief Officer: Sir Crispin Davis, CEO
 Key Product(s): Elsevier (ScienceDirect, Scopus, MD Consult, Engineering Village2), LexisNexis and Reed Exhibitions 

[ www.sas.com ]
 Category: Search Engines & Technologies
 Founded: 1976
 Chief Officer: Jim Goodnight, CEO
 Key Product(s): SAS Enterprise Text Miner, SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Server, SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server 

SchemaLogic, Inc.
[ www.schemalogic.com ]
 Category: Classification & Taxonomy
 Founded: 2003
 Employees: 50
 Chief Officer: Jeff Dirks, CEO & President
 Key Product(s): SchemaLogic Enterprise Suite 

SDL International
[ www.sdl.com ]
 Category: Content Management
 Founded: 1992
 Employees: 1,900
 Chief Officer: Mark Lancaster, Chairman & CEO
 Key Product(s): Global Authoring Management System, MultiTerm, Translation Management System, SDL Trados, Knowledge-based Translation System, SDL Tridion 

[ www.sinequa.com ]
 Category: Search Engines & Technologies
 Founded: 2000
 Employees: 50
 Chief Officer: Jean Ferré, CEO
 Key Product(s): Sinequa CS

[ www.sitecore.net ]
 Categories: Content Management, Intranets & Portals
 Founded: 2001
 Employees: 125
 Chief Officer: Michael Seifert, CEO
 Key Product(s): Sitecore CMS, Sitecore Intranet Portal, Sitecore Foundry 

Six Apart
[ www.sixapart.com ]
 Category: Social Media
 Founded: 2002
 Employees: 200
 Chief Officer: Christopher J. Alden, CEO & Chairman of the Board
 Key Product(s): Movable Type, TypePad, Vox 

Socialtext, Inc.
[ www.socialtext.com ]
 Category: Collaboration
 Founded: 2002
 Employees: 50
 Chief Officer: Eugene Lee, CEO
 Key Product(s): Socialtext Workspace, Socialtext Dashboard, Socialtext People, SocialCalc

[ www.sorce.biz ]
 Category: Intranets & Portals
 Founded: 2000
 Employees: 35
 Chief Officers: Alistair Milne, CEO
 Key Product(s): Sorce V7

[Click Here to read SORCE’s InFocus Profile]

Springer Science+Business Media
[ www.springer.com ]
 Category: Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 1842
 Employees: 5,000
 Chief Officer: Derk Haank, CEO
 Key Product(s): Springer eBook Collection, CD-ROMs, newsletters, STM journals 

[ www.surfkitchen.com ]
 Category: Mobile Content
 Founded: 1999
 Employees: 75
 Chief Officer: Michel Quazza, CEO
 Key Product(s): SurfKit Phonetop Suite

[ www.swets.comwww.swetswise.com, www.scholalrlystats.com ]
 Category: Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 1901
 Employees: 800
 Chief Officer: Arie Jongejan, CEO
 Key Product(s): SwetsWise Subscriptions, SwetsWise Online Content, SwetsWise Title Bank, SwetsWise Linker, SwetsWise
Searcher, SwetsWise Consolidation, SwetsWise MetaData, SwetsWise eSource Manager, SwetsWise Backsets, ScholarlyStats, Swets Gateway 

Technorati, Inc.
[ www.technorati.com ]
 Category: Social Media
 Founded: 2003
 Employees: 35
 Chief Officer: Richard Jalichandra, CEO & President
 Key Product(s): Technorati Media Network, Blog Search Engine 

Telligent Systems
[ www.telligent.com ]
 Category: Collaboration
 Founded: 2004
 Chief Officer: Rob Howard, CEO & Founder
 Key Product(s): Community Server, Community Server Evolution, Harvest Reporting Server, Graffiti CMS, Blog Mailr 

Thomson Reuters
[ www.thomsonreuters.com ]
 Category: Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 2008
 Employees: 52,000
 Chief Officer: Thomas H. Glocer , CEO
 Key Product(s): ISI Web of Knowledge, Micromedex, Westlaw, Sweet & Maxwell, FindLaw, TradeWeb, Thomson One, Reuters
News, Datascope Select, Reuters 3000 Xtra, and Reuters Trade

TransMedia, Corp.
[ www.transmediacorp.com ]
 Category: Collaboration
 Founded: 2001
 Chief Officer: Donald Leka, Chairman & CEO
 Key Product(s): Glide

[Click Here to read TransMedia's InFocus Profile]

[ www.twitter.com ]
 Category: Social Media
 Founded: 2007
 Employees: 25
 Chief Officer: Jack Dorsey, CEO
 Key Product(s): Twitter.com, Search.twitter.com 

Vasont Systems
[ www.vasont.com ]
 Category: Content Management
 Founded: 1997
 Employees: 20
 Chief Officer: Richard B. Schiding, CEO  
 Key Product(s): Vasont Content Management System, Hosted CMS, SG, and Universal Integrator 

Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH
[ www.holtzbrinck.com ]
 Category: Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 1971
 Employees: 15,473
 Chief Officer: Stefan von Holtzbrinck, Chairman, Executive Board
 Key Product(s): Trade Publishing, Education and Science, Newspaper & Business Information, Electronic Media & Service

Vignette Corp.
[ www.vignette.com ]
 Category: Intranets & Portals
 Founded: 1996
 Employees: 667
 Chief Officer: Mike Aviles, CEO & President
 Key Product(s): Vignette Content Management, Vignette Portal, Vignette Case Manager, Vignette Video, Vignette Community Services, Vignette Media, Vignette Recommendations 

Vivisimo, Inc.
[ www.vivisimo.com ]
 Category: Search Engines & Technologies
 Founded: 2000
 Employees: 100
 Chief Officer: Raul Valdes-Perez, Co-founder & CEO
 Key Product(s): Velocity 6.0 

[ www.webchoir.com ]
 Category: Classification & Taxonomy
 Founded: 2000
 Employees: 5
 Chief Officer: Songqiao Liu, CEO & President
 Key Product(s): ConceptChoir, ViewChoir, LinkChoir, SeekChoir

Wolters Kluwer
[ www.wolterskluwer.com ]
 Category: Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 1836
 Employees: 19,544
 Chief Officer: Nancy McKinstry, CEO & Chairman of the Executive Board
 Key Product(s): Information products, tools, software, services and solutions

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