2008-2009 EContent 100 List

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Dec 01, 2008

December 2008 Issue

[ www.dailylit.com ]
 Category: Content Delivery
 Founded: 2007
 Employees: 5
 Chief Officer: Susan Danziger, CEO
 Key Product(s): Books delivered by installments via email, RSS, and an online reading community

Day Software Holding AG
[ www.day.com ]
 Category: Content Management
 Founded: 1993
 Employees: 130
 Chief Officer: Erik Hansen, CEO
 Key Product(s): Communiqué

Demand Media, Inc.
[ www.demandmedia.com, www.pluck.com ]
 Category: Social Media
 Founded: 2006
 Employees: 460
 Chief Officer: Richard Rosenblatt, Co-Founder, Chairman, & CEO
 Key Product(s): Pluck SiteLife, BlogBurst

[ www.drupal.org ]
 Categories: Content Management, Social Media
 Founded: 2001
 Employees: None
 Chief Officer: Dries Buytaert, President
 Key Product(s): Drupal 6.4

EBSCO Information Services
[ www.ebsco.com ]
 Category: Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 1944
 Employees: 5,250
 Chief Officer: F. Dixon Brooke Jr., CEO & President
 Key Product(s): EBSCOhost research databases, EBSCONET e-service management platform, EBSCO A-to-Z, LinkSource, EBSCO  Information MarketPlace, E-Journals, E-Books, ScholarlyStats, JETS

Ektron, Inc.
[ www.ektron.com ]
 Category: Content Management
 Founded: 1998
 Employees: 190
 Chief Officer: William Rogers, Founder & CEO
 Key Product(s): Ektron CMS400.NET, eWebEditPro+XML, eWebEditPro

[Click Here to read Ektron’s InFocus Profile]

EMC Corp.
[ www.emc.com ]
 Category: Content Management
 Founded: 1979
 Employees: 40,000
 Chief Officer: Joseph M. Tucci, Chairman, President & CEO
 Key Product(s): EMC Documentum Platform, EMC Documentum Process Suite, EMC EmailXtender, EMC Documentum CenterStage, EMC Captiva, EMC ApplicationXtender, EMC Document Sciences xPression, EMC Documentum Web Publisher 

Entriq Corp.
[ www.entriq.com ]
 Category: Content Commerce
 Founded: 2000
 Employees: 150
 Chief Officer: Graham Kill, CEO
 Key Product(s): Download Manager, Commerce, Security, Digital Store, Internet TV 

[ www.exalead.com ]
 Category: Search Engines & Technologies
 Founded: 2000
 Employees: 130-plus
 Chief Officer: Alain Cotte, CEO
 Key Product(s): CloudView (360°, Search, & OEM editions) 

[ www.facebook.com ]
 Category: Social Media
 Founded: 2004
 Employees: 600-plus
 Chief Officer:
Mark Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO
 Key Product(s): Facebook Chat, Facebook Connect, Facebook NewsFeed, Facebook Platform, Facebook iPhone App 

Google, Inc.
[ www.google.com ]
 Categories: Collaboration, Search Engines & Technologies
 Founded: 1998
 Employees: 19,604
 Chief Officer: Eric Schmidt, Chairman & CEO
 Key Product(s): Google Calendar, Google Docs, Earth, Search Appliance, News Archives (Atlantis), Transit, Video for Business, YouTube, Knol, GOOG-411, Google Reader, Blogger 

[ www.ibm.com ]
 Category: Intranets & Portals
 Employees: 386,558
 Chief Officer: Samuel Palmisano, Chairman of the Board & CEO
 Key Product(s): Domino, Web Content Management, Collaboration Services, Managed Client, Informix data server, UniVerse & UniData

iCopyright, Inc.
[ www.icopyright.com ]
 Categories: Content Commerce, Content Security
 Founded: 1998
 Employees: 20
 Chief Officer: Mike O'Donnell, CEO
 Key Product(s): iCopyright for Publishers, iCopyright for Creators, Clip&Copy, Discovery 

[ www.ihs.com ]
 Category: Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 1959
 Employees: 3,000
 Chief Officer: Jerre L. Stead, CEO & Chairman
 Key Product(s): 4DOnline Parts Universe, CatalogXpress, Engineering Content Management (ECM), IHS Reference Linking Solutions, IHS Specs & Standards

Informa PLC
[ www.informa.com ]
 Category: Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 1998
 Employees: 7,593
 Chief Officer: Peter Rigby, Chief Executive
 Key Product(s): Academic & Scientific, Commercial & Professional 

Ingram Digital Group
[ www.ingramdigital.com ]
 Category: Content Delivery
 Founded: 2006
 Employees: 140
 Chief Officer: James Gray, CEO & President
 Key Product(s): Digital Services for Publishers, Libraries, and Retailers; Digital Content Distribution; Digital Asset Warehousing;  Content Transformation; Ebook Distribution; Marketing Tools; Digitization Service

Innodata Isogen, Inc.
[ www.innodata-isogen.com ]
 Category: Content Creation, Production, & Digital Publishing
 Founded: 1988
 Employees: 5,000
 Chief Officer: Jack Abuhoff, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO
 Key Product(s): Content Management, Search Technologies, Knowledge Management, XML-Based Services & Solutions, Digitization  & Imaging, Composition Services, Data, Capture & Data Entry, Data Conversion, eBook conversions

Interwoven, Inc.
[ www.interwoven.com ]
 Category: Content Management
 Founded: 1995
 Employees: 900
 Chief Officers: Joe Cowan, CEO and Max Carnecchia, President
 Key Product(s): TeamSite, LiveSite, OpenDeploy, MetaTagger, MediaBin, WorkSite, ControlHub, Interwoven Universal Search,  Interwoven Optimost, Record Manager, Interwoven discovery Mining

iParadigms LLC
[ www.turnitin.com, www.ithenticate.com ]
 Category: Content Security
 Founded: 1996
 Employees: under 100
 Chief Officer: John M. Barrie, Ph.D., CEO & President
 Key Product(s): Turnitin, iThenticate, Plagiarism.org

ISYS Search Software
[ www.isys-search.com ]
 Category: Search Engines & Technologies
 Founded: 1988
 Employees: 30
 Chief Officer: Scott Coles, CEO
 Key Product(s): ISYS:desktop, ISYS:web, ISYS:sdk 

[ www.ja-sig.org ]
 Category: Intranets & Portals
 Founded: 1999
 Employees: 1
 Chief Officer: Jonathan Markow, Executive Director
 Key Product(s): uPortal, JASIG Portlets, Central Authentication Service (CAS) 

Jive Software
[ www.jivesoftware.com ]
 Category: Collaboration
 Employees: 150
 Chief Officer: Dave Hersh, CEO
 Key Product(s): Clearspace, Clearspace Community

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
[ www.wiley.com ]
 Category: Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 1807
 Employees: 4,800
 Chief Officer: William J. Pesce, CEO & President
 Key Product(s): Scientific, Technical, Medical, & Scholarly publications; Professional/Trade publications; Higher Education titles &   resources

JumpTap, Inc.
[ www.jumptap.com ]
 Categories: Mobile Content, Search Engines & Technologies
 Founded: 2004
 Employees: 140-plus
 Chief Officer: Dan Olschwang,  CEO & President
 Key Product(s): Ad Network, Search Engine 

JustSystems Corp.
[ www.justsystems.com ]
 Category: Content Creation, Production, & Digital Publishing
 Founded: 1979
 Employees: 1,000-plus
 Chief Officer: Kazunori Ukigawa, Founder, Chairman of the Board, President, & CEO
 Key Product(s): XMetaL, XFY

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