2007 EContent 100 List

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Nov 16, 2007

December 2007 Issue

Categories: Classification & Taxonomy, Social Media
Founded: 2004
Employees: 35
Chief Officers: Kevin Rose, Founder & Chief Architect, and Jay Adelson, CEO
Key Product(s): Online user profiles, Content ratings

Dow Jones & Company
Category: Fee-Based Info Service
Founded: 1882
Employees: 7,000
Chief Officer: Richard Zannino, CEO
Key Product(s): The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch.com, eFinancialNews, Newswires, Factiva, Client Solutions

Category: Social Media
Founded: 2001
Employees: none
Chief Officer: Dries Buytaert, President
Key Product(s): Drupal 5.2

dtSearch Corp.
Category: Search Engines & Technologies
Founded: 1991
Employees: WND
Chief Officer: David Thede
Key Product(s): Spider, Web, Desktop

EBSCO Information Services
Category: Fee-Based Info Service
Founded: 1944
Employees: 5,100
Chief Officer: F. Dixon Brooke, President & CEO
Key Product(s): EBSCOhost, EBSCONET, EBSCO A-to-Z, E-Journals, MetaPress, Book Services

Ektron, Inc.
Category: Content Management
Founded: 1998
Employees: 85
Chief Officer: William Rogers, Founder & CEO
Key Product(s): Ektron CMS400.NET, eWebEditPro+XML, eWebEditPro

EMC Corporation
Category: Content Management
Founded: 1979
Employees: 30,000+
Chief Officer: Joseph M. Tucci, Chairman, President & CEO
Key Product(s): EMC EmailXTender, Celerra, Centera Content Addressed Storage, Clariion, eRoom, EMC Captiva, Enterprise Content Management, ApplicationXTender, Infoscape, Centera, Symmetrix

Endeca Technologies, Inc.
Category: Search Engines & Technologies
Founded: 1999
Employees: 500
Chief Officer: Steve Papa, CEO
Key Product(s): Information Access Platform 5.x

Entriq Corporation
Category: Content Commerce
Founded: 2000
Employees: 150
Chief Officer: Jan Steenkamp, CEO
Key Product(s): Download Manager, Commerce, Security, Digital Store, Internet TV

eZ Systems
Category: Content Management
Founded: 1999
Employees: 80
Chief Officer: Aleksander Farstad, CEO
Key Product(s): Open Source Enterprise CMS

Fast Search & Transfer
Category: Search Engines & Technologies
Founded: 1997
Employees: 633
Chief Officer: John M. Lervik, Co-founder & CEO
Key Product(s): ESP, PSP, ImPulse, Unity, Radar, Data Cleansing, AdMomentum

Google, Inc.
Categories: Search Engines & Technologies, Collaboration
Founded: 1998
Employees: 7,942
Chief Officer: Eric Schmidt, Chairman & CEO
Key Product(s): Search, News, Answers, Earth, Blogger, Froogle, AdSense, AdWords, Docs, Video, Gmail, Maps, SketchUp

Groxis, Inc.
Category: Search Engines & Technologies
Founded: 2001
Employees: 20
Chief Officer: Randall Marcinko, President & CEO
Key Product(s): Grokker

Category: Intranets & Portals
Founded: 1911
Employees: 329,000
Chief Officer: Samuel Palmisano, Chairman of the Board & CEO
Key Product(s): Domino, Web Content Management, Collaboration Services, Managed Client, Informix data server, UniVerse, UniData

iCopyright, Inc.
Category: Content Security
Founded: 1998
Employees: 15
Chief Officer: Michael O'Donnell, Founder & CEO
Key Product(s): iCopyright for Publishers, iCopyright for Creators, Clip&Copy

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Ingram Digital Group
Category: Content Delivery
Founded: 2006
Employees: 75+
Chief Officer: James Gray, President & CEO
Key Product(s): Content Aggregation, Repurposing, Distribution, Digital Rights Management

Innodata Isogen, Inc.
Category: Content Creation, Production & Digital Publishing
Founded: 1988
Employees: 5,000
Chief Officer: Jack Abuhoff, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO
Key Product(s): Content-Related IT and BPO Services, Editorial and Composition Services, Content Management and Publishing Systems, Digitization and XML Data Conversion

Interwoven, Inc.
Category: Content Management
Founded: 1995
Employees: 780
Chief Officers: Joe Cown, CEO, and Max Carnecchia, President
Key Product(s): TeamSite, LiveSite, OpenDeploy, MetaTagger, MediaBin, WorkSite, ControlHub, Interwoven Universal Search

Category: Intranets & Portals
Founded: 1995
Employees: 40
Chief Officer: Campbell Dobbin, President & CEO
Key Product(s): Intranet DASHBOARD & ViewBI

ISYS Search Software
Category: Search Engines & Technologies
Founded: 1988
Employees: 25
Chief Officer: Ian Davies, Founder & Managing Director
Key Product(s): ISYS:desktop, ISYS:web, ISYS:sdk

Category: Intranets & Portals
Founded: 1999
Employees: none
Chief Officer: Jonathan Markow, Board Chair
Key Product(s): uPortal, Central Authentication Service, HyperContent CMS

Jive Software
Category: Collaboration
Founded: 2001
Employees: 70
Chief Officer: Dave Hersh, CEO
Key Product(s): Clearspace, Openfire, and Jive Forums

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Category: Fee-Based Info Service
Founded: 1807
Employees: 4,800
Chief Officer: William J. Pesce, President & CEO
Key Product(s): Scientific, Technical, and Medical Journals; Encyclopedias; Books; Online Products and Services

JustSystems, Inc.
Category: Content Creation, Production & Digital Publishing
Founded: 1979
Employees: 1,000
Chief Officer: Kazunori Ukigawa, President & CEO
Key Product(s): XMetaL and xfy

Liferay, Inc.
Category: Intranets & Portals
Founded: 2000 Employees: 40
Chief Officers: Bryan Cheung, CEO, and Brian Chan, Chief Software Architect
Key Product(s): Enterprise Portal, Journal CMS, Connect Collaboration Suite

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