Tim Walker, Industry Editor, Hoover’s, Inc.

Article ImageName With The Face: Tim Walker
Job Title:
Industry Editor
Organization: Hoover's, Inc. 

Job Function: "The main part of my job, like any other industry editor here, is to cover companies," says Tim Walker, industry editor at Hoover's, Inc., a company that delivers company, industry, and market intelligence services. "I cover several hundred companies such as Eaton Corporation, ABB, and Mitsubishi Corporation in industrial sectors like heavy machinery and industrial hardware." 

As a recognized expert, Walker leverages his knowledge in interesting ways. "I have some fun parts of my job," he says. "On the last Tuesday of each month on CNBC's Morning Call program, I go on to discuss high-level executive moves. For example, when Microsoft hired a new COO, I went on the air to explain what that move means to Microsoft."

In A Day's Work: "First thing in the morning I look through piles of news about the industries I cover," Walker says. "We look at the companies' own press releases, what's being said in the media, the SEC filings, and then we decide what's important enough to update in the company profile. We save users time because we give our users insight in a short amount of time." Walker says there are about 80 people in the editorial department at Hoover's. "Our profiles are written by real people and are not just boilerplate, so we try to inject humor into our company coverage to make it interesting."

"We're constantly updating coverage and adding new companies to the coverage," he says. "We answer requests, which really sets us apart because the editorial people actually interact with customers." Walker and the other editors will often use the customer conversations to get additional streams of feedback on companies. "For example, perhaps our customer is also a supplier to the company," he says. 

Oddest Customer Encounter: "We sometimes call companies to clarify information. People sometimes wonder why the vacuum cleaner company is calling!" 

View From The Desk: "We have an open-cube environment in a huge building that used to be a bread bakery. I'm in what once upon a time was the loading area, with 25-foot ceilings."

Outside Interest: "I am working on a Ph.D. in United States History at the University of Texas at Austin."

If Not Econtent, Then What? "I'd be doing some mix of writing and teaching and coming up with new ideas."