Roy Fielding, Chief Scientist, Day Software

Article ImageName With The Face: Roy Fielding
Job Title: Chief Scientist
Organization: Day Software

Job Function: In his role as chief scientist for Day Software, a provider of integrated content, portal, and digital asset management software, Roy Fielding looks well beyond the current products that the company sells. "I look at the ways that the Web is moving, so that Day can lead into the future," Fielding says. "I work on Internet standards, including the IETF [Internet Engineering Task Force], which at the highest level are the standards for Web addresses and HTTP." Fielding is the primary architect of the current Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1), co-author of the Internet standards for HTTP and Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI), and a founder of several open-source software projects, including the Apache HTTP Server Project that produces the software for more than 60% of public Internet Web sites.

Fielding's deep understanding of standards helps Day build products that work well within the Internet and Web environments. "Leading the standards efforts gives us an earlier awareness of worldwide adoption," he says. "And through my efforts, the rest of the world can also learn more about Day, which is a small company based in Switzerland."

In A Day's Work: Most of Fielding's work is via teleconference and electronic communications. "The Apache Group didn't meet face-to-face until three years after we started," he says. "Midnight my time, I use chat rooms to communicate with the developers, who are based in Basel, Switzerland."

Oddest Client Encounter: "I was at a conference and I was approached by a marketing person from IBM who wanted to talk [about] this new idea about Web Services: machine-to-machine exchanging of information via SOAP. I've been developing machine-to-machine communications for six years, so I said, ‘That sounds like an interesting project, but don't call it Web services.'"

View From The Desk: "I work in an office in Irvine, California, with a view that faces the sun, so unfortunately I need to keep the blinds closed."

Outside Interest: "I've been really getting into opera lately. I find out a lot about software architecture by listening to the music—the patterns are really similar."

If Not Econtent, Then What?: "I started out in college studying international politics, so I'd probably be back in some aspect of trying to solve world problems. Actually, now that I think about it, some of the international working groups do just that."