Paige Krause, Marketing Campaign Manager, Esker Inc.

Article ImageJob Function: Esker, a document management and delivery company, specializes in linking fax integration with enterprise resource planning applications. Paige Krause, the company’s marketing campaign manager, was brought in to help launch and promote a new product called FlyDoc in the United States. “Esker is a French company and we positioned the product differently here in the U.S.,” Krause says. “In this market, FlyDoc is a hosting service and is primarily used by smaller businesses.” Krause’s primary responsibility is the development, implementation, and management of lead-generation activities. “We use whitepapers to generate leads,” she says. “The whitepaper campaigns have different titles and different focuses and it is important to measure what is working and we use as one of the measurement tools.”

In a Day’s Work: “I work with salespeople to make sure they have the tools they need to make sales,” Krause says. “We provide collateral material, PowerPoint presentations, product comparisons, positioning, and case studies.” Krause uses the case study information and other data to create profiles of people who are looking for fax services and has developed web landing pages for each profile. “We then work with the firm to develop the keywords and advertising copy. We are all about measuring the performance of the campaigns. Through measurement on the web you can really tailor marketing to the way that people shop.”

Krause gets out of the office on a regular basis to attend trade shows and other industry events. “At trade shows such as Microsoft Convergence and Oracle OpenWorld I meet potential customers,” she says. I also spend time working with the vendors that host our whitepapers including TechTarget and CNET.”

Oddest Customer Encounter: “We were giving a web-based demonstration of our product and we had a gentleman who wanted to re-name what we call our ‘job tab’ because it reminded him too much of the Book of Job in the Bible.”

View From the Desk: “We work in pods, four people in a pod, and it is a great way to intermix the sales, marketing, and channel people. I sit with two salespeople and a sales engineer.”

Outside Interest: “I went deer hunting for the first time this year and I really enjoyed it.”

If Not Econtent, Then What? “I would be an author, lecturer, and public speaker working with entrepreneurs.”