Name With the Face: Ed Stevenson, Director of Content Strategies, Really Strategies

Article ImageName With The Face: Ed Stevenson
Job Title:
Director of Content Strategies
Organization: Really Strategies

Job Function: Really Strategies is a professional services firm that works with publishers and other content-centric companies. Ed Stevenson, director of content strategies, works with clients to bring strategy, content, and technology together to analyze, architect, and implement appropriate tools and technologies. "We're analysts, and we help publishers by identifying problems and solutions," Stevenson says. "We're not a solutions provider and we don't have products to sell; instead we get directly involved with our customers as consultants."

Stevenson has served as the team leader in a multi-year engagement with CQ Press (a division of Congressional Quarterly Inc.) to scope, build, and introduce its award-winning CQ Electronic Library product line. "We looked at all the books CQ Press had published and built a product based on the categories of information," Stevenson says. "We also include other data and specialty databases to create products such as the CQ Supreme Court Collection." Stevenson and the other consultants at Really Strategies all have publishing backgrounds so they relate on a peer level with clients. "I work from the idea stage, through concepts and requirements, to product development and launch," he says.

In A Day's Work: "I'm totally integrated into my client's business, so I don't have a typical day," Stevenson says. He splits his time between the Really Strategies' Lansdale, Pennsylvania office and client offices. "When I'm at a client such as CQ Press, they have a cubicle for me." To keep current, Stevenson reads, attends conferences, and shares information with his colleagues. "We discuss the common themes and challenges that other clients are facing," he says. "There's a good knowledge base within the others at Really Strategies, and that sharing makes us more valuable to clients."

Oddest Client Encounter: "When CQ Press was putting together the CQ Voting and Elections Collection, we needed a photo of political buttons for the site. CQ Press staff brought in their collections, but many of the buttons were old and dirty, so I volunteered to clean them all by hand."

View From The Desk: "I sit in a large open room. It's great to interact with my colleagues.

Outside Interest: "I spend time with my three young children and putzing around the garden."

If Not Econtent, Then What?: "I'd be in another job that's as varied and rewarding as what I do now."