Name With the Face: David A. Hudson, Director of Client Services, CrownPeak Technology

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David A. Hudson
Job Title: Director of Client Services
Organization: CrownPeak Technology

Job Function: CrownPeak, a Los Angeles-based company providing content management software as a service, makes it easy to implement and update large data-intensive Web sites. David Hudson, director of client services, serves as project manager for new implementations and also manages ongoing relationships with existing clients such as Hyundai Motors and Trek Bicycles. "I take clients through the entire setup process," Hudson says, "which is usually completed and ready go in three or four weeks and launch is anywhere from two to four weeks after that."

According to Hudson, clients use the CrownPeak Advantage CMS system to easily enter content from various sources, add permissions and other data and publish to any destination, usually Web sites. A major aspect of new site installations is doing the required homework prior to rollout. "It's important because we need to set up users, user groups, permissions, and workflow and each dictates how the system will be organized and configured," Hudson says. As part of a team, Hudson and his colleagues are assigned based on availability and the type of project. "We have certain expertise," he says. "For example, if a project is heavy on information architecture, I might get involved."

In A Day's Work: Besides new installations, Hudson also services about ten existing clients at any given time. "We view implementations as organic," he says. "The system is always evolving rather than a slice in time. The system needs to allow the client site to grow." While many companies separate work required for new installations and ongoing client relationships into separate groups, Hudson sees CrownPeak's unified approach as better for clients. "We get to know the clients from the beginning of the project and maintain the ongoing relationship," he says. "I've provided service for one client for six years."

Oddest Client Encounter: "Clients comment when they call into the company and recognize my voice on the phone mail system because when I was in college, I did radio and TV."

View From The Desk: "I have a desk with a tiny window and excellent view of my coworkers heads."

Outside Interest: "I shoot photos of the local stars on the LA Galaxy professional soccer team for Central American newspapers."

If Not Econtent, Then What?: "Traveling the world and doing photography for National Geographic."