Name With The Face: Tom Claire, Global Account Manager, Factiva

Name With The Face: Tom Claire
Job Title: Global Account Manager
Organization: Factiva

Job Function: As part of Factiva's global accounts team, Tom Claire helps the company's largest customers—those in multiple countries and with varied implementations— integrate news and business information into their daily workflows. Claire says, "The global account program allows us to support users both locally and globally. One of my customers uses Factiva in 103 countries, so we must be truly global in content and in support."

In an industry where many people change jobs and companies at a dizzying pace, Claire is unique. "I've spent my entire career in the electronic information arena," he says. "And I've been with Dow Jones and Factiva for 21 years." Claire certainly brings consistency to his client relationships adding, "I've worked with some clients for ten years. It's like a marriage: you have your ups and your downs. Actually, ten years is longer than many marriages."

With two decades of experience, Claire understands the industry from a long-term perspective. "Technology advances allow so much productivity gain for our clients," he says. "But no matter how the industry changes over time, it always comes down to what business problem a product can solve."

In A Day's Work: "Because I'm global," Claire explains, "I do multiple conference calls with Europe and Asia. I'm always looking at the world-time clock to schedule meetings." The 24x7 lifestyle can be tough on many people, but Claire seems to thrive on it. "My role in the global accounts program means I'm working for Factiva and for the customer. My customers know that I'll do my best for them." And part of doing his best is keeping on top of the latest developments. "To be successful in the role," Claire says, "you have to re-educate yourself constantly. For example, I just finished a course on Intranet Management and Design because I need to understand what the customer is going through so I can know what resources from Factiva they need."

Oddest Customer Encounter: "Some time ago, I was giving a Dow Jones Software seminar at the University of Alabama when the screen suddenly went blank. I was confused until I noticed someone had fallen asleep and, as he leaned over, had blocked the projector."

View From The Desk: "I have several offices: from my office in New York, I see the Empire State Building; in London it's Tower Bridge; and in Princeton it's a lot of cubicles."

Outside Interest: "I play baseball and tennis."

If Not Econtent, Then What?: "I'd still be a customer relationship manager, but in a different industry."