Name With The Face: Sophie Graham, Head of the Information Centre, Pfizer Ltd.

Name With The Face: Sophie Graham
Job Title: Head of the Information Centre
Organization: Pfizer Ltd.

Job Function: As one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, the 130,000 employees at Pfizer who discover, develop, manufacture, and market leading prescription medicines for humans and animals have intense information requirements. Sophie Graham heads the information centre for Pfizer's pharmaceutical group in the U.K.

According to Graham, the information centre provides a vast collection of electronic and paper-based information resources including 120 subscription journals, print newspapers, newspaper databases, and about 8,000 other items such as market research CDs, annual reports, and scientific articles. "The electronic intranet content links to internal and external market research, business, scientific, and other technical information, but we also provide information and training tools," Graham says. A particular challenge for Graham and her team of four is coordinating some 3,000 information requests a month. "We use a library management system," she says. "People come through us so we don't duplicate costs. We have a group of people in other human pharmaceutical businesses around the world but we're all focused on the same thing. We work with our U.S. and corporate colleagues to make certain we work in the best way as a global organization."

In A Day's Work: "I do an awful lot of networking," Graham says. "In particular, my role focuses a lot on raising the profile of the information centre, making certain that senior executives know about us and use our services. I also plan and lead the strategy for the information centre and its role within the company.

As more resources are available to users online, Graham sees a major part of her role shifting to training and education. "I'm upping the skill quotient of our end users," she says. "With Google, people can get lots of information, but many don't have the skills to necessarily get the most legitimate content." Graham isn't anti-Google, rather she wants users to rely on the Web for suitable content. "I think as people have more and more things to do they should come to us when they need something important, but go to Google when it is appropriate."

Oddest Member Encounter: "A colleague who wanted to complete a departmental quiz asked us for the answers."

View from the Desk: "We're in 60 acres of parkland. At the moment there's two people mowing the lawn out my window."

Outside Interest: "I'm a keen gardener."

If Not Econtent, Then What?: "I love what I do. I'm so pleased I stumbled into it, and I don't want to change."