Name With The Face: Sharon Levy, Manager of Information Resources, National Wildlife Federation

Name With The Face: Sharon Levy
Job Title: Manager of Information Resources
Organization: National Wildlife Federation

Job Function: In 20 years with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), the nation's largest and oldest protector of wildlife, Sharon Levy has reinvented her role. "I've been with NWF since BC…before computers," Levy says with a laugh. She's emerged from a traditional physical library function to providing information via the intranet to the NWF's 600 employees in ten offices from Alaska to Austin. "People working on key NWF issues such as wolf reintroduction, the Endangered Species Act, wetlands, or invasive animals and plants need to keep current," Levy says. She uses LexisNexis Publisher to post news into topics based on issues and also to take care of the necessary copyright issues. "Many of our staff are quoted in publications, so we're able to share that too. I'm a part of everybody's team because I can spread information," she adds.

Information posted on its intranet plays a huge part in NWF efforts to educate and empower all types of people to protect wildlife and habitat for future generations. "We make Bibliophile Species Information File, Ecology Studies Worldwide, and Greenwire all available to the entire organization," she says.

In A Day's Work: The NWF publishes National Wildlife Magazine for adults as well as children's titles like Ranger Rick, and Levy often lends her expertise by providing research. "Someone might be writing a story on lemurs and looking for ‘gee whiz' facts," Levy says. She's developed a reputation as a kind of clearing house for fun animal myths and facts. "Just yesterday, someone wanted to learn more about a BBC story about a woman in Iran giving birth to a frog," she says. "I found that other press also picked up the story."

Oddest Encounter: "I got a call from the police in Columbus, Ohio because there had been a murder and part of the evidence was some old copies of National Wildlife Magazine. The dates weren't legible so I had to identify the issues for them."

View From The Desk: "The whole NWF Headquarters building was designed to be ‘green.' There's very little wood used and we have vines growing outside the windows to provide shade. The site is on seven acres and I see lots of critters from my cube. This whole week we've had fun watching vultures."

Outside Interest: "I teach country western line dancing."

If Not Econtent, Then What?: "I'd like to do choreography for musicals."