Name With The Face: Scott Finley, EJS Customer Care Supervisor, EBSCO Information Services

Article ImageJob Function:
Scott Finley, customer care supervisor for EBSCOhost Electronic Journals Service (EJS), manages a team of four people who work directly with customers. "More and more customers are moving online because of the easy availability," Finley says. "Students are able to access journals through EJS from the library Web site rather than having to go to the physical library. I remember when I was student and I would go to the library and sometimes all the copies of a journal had been checked out. It's so much easier to be a student now!" Finley and his team help customers with issues such as accessing a journal, and serving publishers if there is a missing article, for example.

According to Finley, his job is simplified somewhat because there's a customer service link on every page in the EJS product that automatically creates a case in the support team's Web-based CRM system. "During peak periods in the academic calendar we might get somewhere around 350 or 400 cases in a week," he says. "Using CRM, we can run queries to find out if other customers have had similar issues. We also look for customers who find defects or who make suggestions, which we bring up once a week in our triage meetings. We're right across the hall from the developers, so we work directly with them." 

In A Day's Work: 
Finley arrives to work at 6:30 every morning, and the first thing he does is check the CRM system and log in to the EJS service to see if there's anything unusual with the service. "We have a staff meeting every morning where we go over anything that the team needs to be aware of," he says. "We touch on major points and keep an ongoing list of issues." 

Oddest Client Encounter: 
"One of our customers proceeded to tell me about how he and his dad built a statue from buffalo chips." 

View From The Desk: 
"I'm in an office, and the team is just a few feet away from me. We're on the top of a mountain in Birmingham, Alabama—it's a wonderful setting and a great work environment." 

Outside Interest: 
"I was a music major in college and I'm very involved with the music programs at my church." 

If Not Econtent, Then What?: 
"I'd like to be the team photographer for a professional bike racing team."