Name With The Face: Nathan Treloar, Director of Technical Sales, Fast Search & Transfer

Name With The Face: Nathan Treloar
Job Title: Director of Technical Sales
Organization: Fast Search & Transfer (FAST)

Job Function: Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) creates real-time search and filter technologies used by companies with demanding enterprise search problems. As a complex and sometimes misunderstood technology, the benefits to organizations may not be immediately apparent. That's where Nathan Treloar, director of technical sales comes in. He says, "Salespeople bring in leads and manage the sales process and then we get brought in to describe the intricacies of the FAST platform."

"I have a combination job where I support sales efforts to get clients excited about the product " Treloar says. "But I'm also the manager of the technical sales organization worldwide and I help to assign people to various sales opportunities."

Like many people in the econtent world, Treloar has worked in a variety of industries and jobs. "Early in my career I was a geophysicist and spent time flying out to oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico," he says. "I wanted a career change so I moved from Texas to New England. In 1996, early in the dot-com boom, I started in the search industry and have been here since."

In A Day's Work: Treloar and his team of a dozen technical salespeople worldwide are often on the road meeting with potential clients. "Usually it's in a formal presentation," he says. "Or sometimes we just do a whiteboard session with the technologist, which is more fun." When Treloar speaks with customers, he tries to describe FAST technology in terms of the problems it solves. "The amount of information that has been created just in the last two years is more than in all of human history before then," he says. "The ability to find structured and unstructured data will grow in importance." As an interface between the company, the technology, and potential customers, Treloar serves an ambassador role. "It's great to play with technology while at the same time to be in front of people, be an educator, and generally exercise both sides of my brain," he says.

Oddest Customer Encounter: "I was at a customer site trying to do a presentation when I had laryngitis. The salesperson with me had to translate my squeaks for the 20 people in the room."

View from the Desk: "My cube is on the end of a row near a main hallway. People are always stopping by to say hello."

Outside Interest: "When I'm not working, I really like to be up in the mountains."

If Not Econtent, Then What?: "If I could maintain my family and if I were good enough, I'd like to be a professional jazz musician. I'm in a swing band now and I love it."