Name With The Face: Mary Kay McDonald, Team Lead--Science/Intellectual Property, Dialog

Name With the Face: Mary Kay McDonald
Job Title: Team Lead-Science/ Intellectual Property
Organization: Dialog

Job Function
Dialog provides online-based information services to organizations seeking competitive advantages. "Dialog has over 500 databases and multiple product offerings," says Mary Kay McDonald. "I work the Dialog Knowledge Center as team lead in intellectual property and science. We work with our global customers and help them with things like creating search strategies and automatic alerts for their industries and competitors." McDonald has seen the science and trademark areas from all angles in her career. Previously, she was with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as a trademark examiner and she also worked as in-house trademark and copyright attorney for a large pharmaceutical company. "I became really interested in the information industry," McDonald explains. "Working at Dialog means I can apply my great mix of business and intellectual property experiences to help customers."

As Team Lead for Science and Intellectual Property within the Dialog Knowledge Center, McDonald is part of a group of highly skilled individuals from a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds such as biotechnology, business, law, and chemistry who enhance the Dialog search experience. "We have such talent and expertise in the group and it is great that our clients want to take advantage of our skills. But there are only a limited number of us, so it can be a challenge to balance the number of requests we get."

In a Day's Work
"We're always getting questions and calls about new areas and new technology," explains McDonald. "So we spend a great deal of time on the phone helping customers refine their searches. One of the best ways we can help our customers is to get to know them and their business." Members of Dialog Knowledge Centers also help support salespeople and will occasionally go on calls. "Particularly if salespeople are calling on a large organization with specific needs in the areas we specialize in, we can be a great help," says McDonald.

Oddest Customer Encounter
"We received a call from a gentleman who had new neighbors move in across the street who he was convinced were communist spies. He wanted us to investigate them. We can do a lot, but not quite that."

View from the Desk
"We're in an open environment, which is great for knowledge sharing."

Outside Interest
"I like to swim a lot."

If Not Econtent, Then What?
"I really love intellectual property. If I weren't on the information side, I'd still want to be in trademarks in some way."