Name With The Face: Lucy Park, Manager of the EPA Headquarters Library, ASRC Aerospace Corporation

Name With The Face: Lucy Park
Job Title: Manager of the EPA Headquarters Library
Organization: ASRC Aerospace Corporation, contractor to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Job Function: The EPA's mission is to protect human health and to safeguard the natural environment—air, water, and land—upon which life depends. "The EPA Headquarters Library serves around 8,000 EPA staff members who work in the Washington, DC area," explains Lucy Park, the library's manager. "The library provides reference materials, EPA publications, document delivery and management, as well as a diverse and comprehensive collection of research materials."

Park also manages the EPA Desktop Library, an intranet service for all 18,000 EPA employees bringing together diverse econtent resources. According to Park, "The Desktop Library provides the best of the best to users of the EPA system, all with a common user interface and collected in one place. We provide hundreds of key journals, such as Science, Nature, Environmental Science & Technology, research databases and news sources such as Dialog, business information, and also high-quality, free information on the Internet." But Park is quick to point out: "These online resources are backed up by the print collections from 28 EPA libraries around the country. Not everything is available online, so print is still very important to the EPA."

Park's company, ASRC Aerospace Corporation, operates the EPA Headquarters Library and several other EPA libraries and information units under contract with EPA.

In A Day's Work: "I spend a lot of time serving as a link between EPA staff and the commercial vendors," Park says. "I might organize programs, seminars, or training sessions on using information resources; proactively suggest other sources; or I might build a customized search form to help our library patrons." Park adds that the evaluation of new content sources is also an important part of her job: "I work with all the librarians in the EPA to try out commercial services and then decide if we should put them onto the system."

Oddest Patron Encounter: "A woman who was planning a wedding wanted to find out the environmental impact of releasing butterflies at her wedding."

View from the Desk: "We have a wonderful physical location in a beautiful historic library of a 1930's Washington building."

Outside Interest: "I love to do anything outdoors, particularly hiking."

If Not Econtent, Then What?: "I'd probably be a naturalist. I love to get outdoors to see things and sketch."