Name With The Face: Lois Remeikis, Director of Web Communications, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

Name With The Face: Lois Remeikis
Job Title: Director of Web Communications
Organization: Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

Job Function: In her ten years with Booz Allen Hamilton, a global strategy and technology consulting firm, Lois Remeikis has focused her deep knowledge of econtent on ways to move the business forward. As director of Web communications, Remeikis manages eight direct reports and a remarkable portfolio of responsibilities. "What don't I do?" she says with a laugh. "I'm responsible for our public Web site and our Web-enabled alumni program. On the internal side I manage Knowledge-Online—our internal knowledge management system for our businesses as well as our collaboration system—which are the tools we provide so engagement teams can have a place to put their work and task management."

"I was originally hired to develop the research team here in the US and also to be a part of the core knowledge team," Remeikis explains. "That job evolved into a job managing researchers globally in the commercial sector of our business." A terrific success story of an information professional leveraging her skills to a seat at the management table, Remeikis now sits on the administrative services IT council—a group that determines IT resources and spending for the entire firm and is also a member of the company's senior marketing team. So how do you make the leap from an information professional to business leadership? "I've always worked closely with marketing teams," she says. "I understand how to use technology in interesting ways to drive business forward."

In A Day's Work: Booz Allen employs more than 13,000 people located in offices on six continents and serves commercial and government clients. "Being able to work in a multi functional environment helped me to lead complex projects," Remeikis says. "It keeps you on your toes." Her typical day involves a number of conference calls with project teams located throughout the world. "For example, I might interact with people who are working with new business issues and intellectual capital who need to place that content on the public Web site."

"We're interested in what other companies are doing," Remeikis says, "but data is difficult for us to get on our own because it's outside our firm. When we're evaluating knowledge management and internal services for the firm, we look to research firms like Outsell for best practices and advice."

View From The Desk: "I look straight down Chicago's Franklin Street and I gauge weather patterns by how well I can see the Sears Tower."

Outside Interest: "I'm a big gardener in the summer and in the winter I'll be working on my house."

If Not Econtent, Then What?: "I write children's stories as a hobby. I'd like to do that full time."