Name With The Face: LaMont Clements, Customer Service Manager, HighBeam Research

Article ImageJob Function:
As customer service manager for HighBeam Research, LaMont Clements manages a group that provides 24-hour support. He also serves as the escalation person when the call center staffers have questions, and the issues run the gamut from services to technical difficulties and even research advice. "Some are routine and some come from left field," Clements says. "We sometimes get technical questions and problems involving article saving, our email alert features, or the available RSS feeds, and I'm heavily involved in helping to resolve those."

HighBeam Research is the operator of an online research engine for individuals, which fills the gap between free search engines and high-end information services. Content is available through a multi-tier membership structure with full members having unlimited access to all the information, functions, and features on the site. "Many inquiries come in about the membership options," says Clements, "so I help people to understand the benefits of each." 

In A Day's Work:
"I look first at log-in issues and technical inquiries because we consider that to be a higher priority," Clements says. "Many of our customers are under deadline because they are lawyers working on a case or journalists, and they need to have access to the information as quickly as possible."

Oddest Client Encounter: 
"We got an inquiry from someone looking for an eye surgeon who performs a particular operation because he found an article on HighBeam. But he was having difficulty finding a surgeon near him who could perform the operation. We're not researchers, of course, but I had a moment and with a quick search was able to quickly point him to an association of eye surgeons."

View From The Desk: 
"We're in downtown Chicago near the Wrigley Building and the Tribune Tower. We have a post-modern loft-style environment and I'm in a cube. The nice thing is that I'm close to the product and technical managers and company executives."

Outside Interest: 
"I've always been a trivia junkie and I'm particularly interested in the etymology of names. My first name comes from mountain in Latin and my last name comes from peaceful or merciful, so my name actually forms a phrase."

If Not Econtent, Then What?:
"I'd probably be in Asia or eastern Europe teaching English as a foreign language."