Mary Butler, Senior Content Strategist, Razorfish, LLC

Name With The Face:
Mary Butler

Job Title:
Senior Content Strategist

Razorfish, LLC

Job Function:
Mary Butler works as senior content strategist for automotive web-development and strategy projects undertaken by Razorfish, LLC, one of the world’s largest interactive marketing and technology companies. “I am responsible for overseeing all site content requirements and content strategy deliverables across the project life cycle,” Butler says. “As the user experience group’s digital automotive subject matter expert, I also get to consult on strategy
for automotive e-commerce and consumer life cycle projects.” She edits, which covers digital automotive news and analysis from Razorfish.

In her role, Butler collaborates with experience leads, creative directors, and other content strategists to develop content strategy. “I also evaluate existing content and recommend options for sourcing new content, and create and maintain detailed sets of content documentation,” Butler says. Another part
of her work involves the creation of taxonomies and metadata frameworks for grouping and tagging content.

In A Day’s Work:
“Since most of our projects utilize the Agile web development process, I spend most days in a conference room reserved for the duration of a project—aka
the war room—with the rest of the core project team,” Butler says. Those teams normally include an experience lead, information architects, designers,
a functional analyst, and a project manager, among other roles. “Typically, we’ll have a brainstorming session in the morning, break off to attend meetings for other projects or to do work, have afternoon work-in-progress reviews to gather team feedback, and then do some more work to incorporate the feedback we’ve received,” Butler says.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter:
“Back in my consumer magazine days, we had one reader who, after receiving our annual car buyer’s guide, sent us a check for the vehicle he wanted, with
a note that said it was too much work to haggle so could we just go ahead
and buy the car for him?”

View From the Desk:
“The only downside from working Agile is I never get to sit at my desk, because I usually spend the day in the war room! I’m fortunate that Razorfish’s office has a wraparound terrace where I have two planter boxes. I grow heirloom tomatoes and basil each summer.”

Outside Interests:
“My active pursuits include gardening, walking, biking, traveling, crafting, and driving fast cars! I’m also very interested in politics and Irish history.”

If Not Econtent, Then What?
“While I love helping to create digital experiences, I find the idea of crafting something by hand even more appealing.”