Marianne A. Buehler, Urban Sustainability Librarian, University Libraries, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Name With the Face:
Marianne A. Buehler

Job Title:
Urban Sustainability Librarian

University Libraries, University of Nevada-Las Vegas


Job Function:
As the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV) urban sustainability librarian, one of Marianne A. Buehler's primary projects is collaborating with colleagues to build a digital repository with scholarly content in order to create a one-stop shop of research, publications, and open access journals and conferences that represent UNLV activity. "There is a plethora of research and historical materials here with value in the global open access environment. It is a sustainable model, as it will be maintained in perpetuity with URLs that never change," says Buehler.

She also leads campus outreach and education in other facets of scholarly communication to encourage faculty and students to retain their author rights, use Creative Commons licenses, and employ alternative strategies to showcase their work in multiple venues, including open access.

In A Day's Work:
After arriving in her office, Buehler opens her calendar/email, reviews her schedule, and responds to queries. Typical appointments might include a digital repository meeting to make decisions on a particular community's hierarchy or a meeting with repository vendor Digital Commons to add metadata to a collection template. "My student employee archives materials in the repository so we discuss what is uploaded, and how," says Buehler. She also researches to see if the UNLV libraries already own requested books and seeks new and worthy monographs.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter:
"A faculty member asked if it was possible to start and be the editor for a topical online journal. I described the open access journal model, said that he could be the editor of a journal in his field, and disseminate that knowledge to the world in his area of expertise. His eyes widened, his smile expanded, and laughing, he asked, ‘I can do this?' I am always pleased when others get excited about the dissemination potential."

View From the Desk:
"My office does not have a window to the outdoors; there is a window to the hallway. I have created a natural ambience as much as possible with flower photographs, artwork, and rocks in my office to keep me grounded to nature."
Outside Interest:
"Hiking in the wilds of the West has been wonderful. I have only lived here a few months and am very much enjoying the mountains and wetlands (yes, they exist in the desert!)"

If Not EContent, Then What?
"This is where I want to be right now, making a difference in blending sustainability with scholarly communication econtent work."