Manda Choi, Customer Success Manager, SLI Systems

Article ImageName With The Face:
Manda Choi

Job Title:
Customer Success Manager

SLI Systems


Job Function:
As Customer Success Manager for SLI Systems, a provider of search solutions for ecommerce and content-rich sites, Manda’s goal is to help SLI customers maximize search performance by continually improving click-throughs, conversion rates, and ultimately revenues. "Our customer service is one of the things that makes SLI successful," observes Choi. The team, which is split between New Zealand and California, is in expansion mode as the number of SLI customers increases. In the year since she joined the company, Manda has trained SLI customers on optimizing the company’s site search and reporting tools. She takes a proactive approach in reviewing customer sites so that she can recommend changes to improve their search results. "I spent time looking at Smith & Hawken’s site after they deployed our search, looking for ways to improve their search results and conversion rates. They implemented the changes really quickly and were happy with what I’d pointed out to them."

In A Day’s Work:
"Our engineering team is located in New Zealand, so due to the time difference the first thing I do every day is respond to their emails and messages," Manda says. The rest of the morning is spent ensuring that any customer requests from the prior day have been closed and responding to new customer calls and emails as they come in. On slower days, Manda also plays with customer sites where SLI search functionality has been deployed. "I spend an hour or two doing searches on their sites, trying to identify improvements" that she can suggest to them. She also conducts phone training for customers three to four times a week. "Sometimes customer service is like walking a tightrope, due to the time difference. But our customers are very understanding!"

Most Memorable Customer Encounter:
"I’ve been lucky; so far all of my customer encounters have fallen within the ‘normal’ realm."

View From The Desk:
"We’re right across the street from Symantec, but on a side street. So I look out my window at lots of trees and people walking their dogs. It’s a very peaceful view."

Outside Interest:
"International travel: My latest trip was to Greece and Italy."

If Not Econtent, Then What?
"I would be traveling internationally, scouting the world for the best new restaurants."