Hernan Ganame, Product Manager, ClickandBuy

Article ImageJob Function: ClickandBuy provides an internet-payments process for merchants and delivers econtent-payment platforms for companies and publishers. Hernan Ganame, a native of Argentina, is a product manager based in the company's New York office. "The department is totally international," he says. "We have people from six different countries in a department of eight." At ClickandBuy, the product management department is the architect of the product. "We drive the vision and the strategy of the product lines," he says. "I'm working on products that will be launched six months or a year from now."

Ganame works on integration projects with large merchants and telecommunications companies. "My first big project was with Telmex in Mexico," he says. "There are fifty million customer households in Mexico and because the population is not comfortable with credit cards, they can pay for things like music downloads with their telephone bill. I developed this platform and now we are working to bring the platform to telephone companies in the United States." 

In a Day's Work: In his international company, Ganame spends a lot of time on the phone. "Usually all the phone calls with the German office are in the morning," he says. "Our meetings with clients usually happen in the afternoon. Since I am responsible for U.S. and Latin American products, much of my time is spent working with the architects, the analysts, and the programmers. I work with developers in India, clients in Mexico, and colleagues in Germany, so I'm working in many languages and over multiple time zones." 

Oddest Customer Encounter: "We have fraud-prevention measures that often require that customers call in to verify information. Many young people use ClickandBuy to purchase video games and occasionally they impersonate their mother or father to make a purchase. It's funny to hear an 11-year-old boy impersonate his mother, but we tell him that only the owner of the account can authorize a purchase." 

View From the Desk: "We have a totally open environment so everybody knows what everyone else is doing. I can see the East River from my desk." 

Outside Interest:  "I play backgammon professionally. When playing tournaments I travel to interesting places."   

If Not Econtent, Then What? "I would love to work as a product manager for another kind of product, maybe video games."