Deidre Caldbeck, Market Manager, Media & Publishing, Endeca Technologies

Article ImageJob Function: In the library, media, publishing, and directories markets, Endeca helps companies attract and retain customers by making it easier for users to locate information quickly and easily, and discover information that was previously hidden. "I'm part of a team that helps the company go to market in the publishing industry," says Deidre Caldbeck, market manager of media and publishing at Endeca Technologies Inc. "Since we're a platform, we can build domain-specific applications on top of the platform. I work with salespeople and others in the company on solutions in three areas: online publishing for externally facing sites at clients like Time Inc., Forrester, and AMR who use Endeca to help their customers find articles and research reports; directories for companies like Dice, Zagat, and Classmates; and multi-media content such as Discovery Communication's Cosmeo (a homework tool for schoolchildren)."

Even though people use the same Endeca platform, Caldbeck says each application is built with different functionality for the users of the content. "Each client wants to differentiate their application to make it a compelling user experience," she says. "That's where my expertise in the media and publishing industries helps." 

In a Day's Work: Caldbeck is often on the road and frequently meets with existing and potential clients. "Today I was in New York City and we had a meeting with a media company that wants to create a better user experience on their site," she says. "I went to help the salesperson and the potential customer to understand our application, but I also bring information back from the field to the product development people so that our new product includes the features that people need."

Oddest Customer Encounter: "I was at a conference sitting next to someone who saw my Endeca nametag and passed a note to me saying: ‘I'm your customer, you have a great product at a great price.' Unfortunately, he had mixed up Endeca with another company, but we ended up getting a referral from him that turned into a new customer." 

View From the Desk: "I'm in a cube and I look at a whiteboard all day. If I turn around, I can watch the very slow progress of Boston's Big Dig construction project." 

Outside Interest:  "I've run several marathons." 

If Not Econtent, Then What? "If I actually had the talent, I'd be a drummer in a band."