David Abraham, Senior Technical Architect/Consultant, Vamosa Inc.

Article ImageJob Function: Glasgow, U.K.-based Vamosa Inc. has carved out a niche by focusing on software products and methods for large organizations to move, migrate, and manipulate unstructured content. As senior technical architect/consultant, David Abraham is the main interface between the technical side of Vamosa and clients. "I work with clients to define a list of business objectives," Abraham says. "Then I create a technical script that I share with the engineers. Basically I pass on pseudo-code, which the engineers use to build the real code that goes into the product."

Abraham has a dual role as he serves as the business representative for clients as well as the technical contact. "We understand the client's current website and we also determine the target system," he says. "We then come up with a method to map the current content to the new application. I work very heavily in the beginning of the project and then my relationship tails off."

In a Day's Work: Abraham, a true internationalist, is based in the U.S., but is a U.K. citizen (from Glasgow). His client work allows him to travel all over the world. Working extensively with clients means that Abraham is on the road about 80% of the time. "In the larger clients I'm based at the client site, but the smaller ones it is here and there," he says. "I usually work two or three projects at once at large organizations like Australian Department of Health, the UK Home Office, and StatOil. I get brought into lots of different things including a lot of client training, partner work, and roles as a troubleshooter to solve issues."

Oddest Customer Encounter: "I spent some time in South America and the client I was visiting insisted on providing a massive barbeque consisting of beef—half a cow on a spit. At the end, there was a big silver tray with bits of foods I had never seen. I couldn't lose face so I tried one of the ‘bits.' Later I learned what it was—a part that makes me wince to think about it—and that understanding put me off of beef for life."

View From the Desk: "We have what we call unassigned ‘hot desks'—when you get in first, you get the best seat."

Outside Interest: "I'm into photography. I get to indulge my passion in a lot of different places when I am on the road."

If Not Econtent, Then What? "I'd want to be a professional travel photographer for a magazine like National Geographic."