Charity Curley, Brand Director, HGTV

Article ImageName With The Face: Charity Curley
Job Title: Brand Director
Organization: HGTV

Job Function: As brand director for the popular HGTV website, Charity Curley is responsible for all the site's content, articles, packages, and video. "The Home & Garden Television Network and the site have been separate, but we're working to a convergent relationship," she says. "HGTV is a natural for the internet because 80% of the visitors to now have high-speed internet connections, so they can watch video and look at some of the more interactive components." Curley points out that the site is an extension of the HGTV brand, one of the fastest-growing networks in cable television history. "We want people to tune into the TV programs, listen on XM radio, read our books, and visit the site.

"The most popular topics are decorating, real estate, remodeling, and seasonally, gardening and landscaping," Curley says. "Decorating is a strong cornerstone. From the real-estate perspective, it's about your investment in your home and what upgrades you can make to it to increase values." Under Curley's guidance the site received multiple Webby Awards and has been recognized as a Top Ten website by Adweek

In A Day's Work: "I spend of lot of time working with editors and TV directors to develop content," Curley says. "We attract people in their 40s, a lot of women, people who feel like their home is a labor of love. I see what we can do that's cool. For example, the most popular show on the network is House Hunters, so we're launching an interactive version of the show's formula for the web. We're also developing some original content for the site, such as ‘I want that! Gardening with Paul James.' He's one of our most recognized experts, and this will only be available online."

Oddest Customer Encounter: "We were in a meeting when the speakerphone suddenly started ringing. Curious, I picked up. It was a woman calling with a question about a show she'd seen on the Food Network." (Which is, luckily, a sister network.)

View From The Desk: "I'm in Knoxville, Tennessee, in an office with a view of a parking lot and a hill. It's been raining all day."

Outside Interest:  "I love cooking, mostly Barefoot Contessa recipes." 

If Not Econtent, Then What? "I really like media a lot, so I guess it would still be media, but in a different form."