Casey Jenkins, Senior Product Manager, Elsevier B.V.

Sep 09, 2011

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Name With The Face:
Casey Jenkins

Job Title:
Senior Product Manager

Elsevier B.V.


Job Function:
As senior product manager with Elsevier B.V., a publisher of medical content, Casey Jenkins calls himself "part designer, part developer, part editor, part search engineer, and part content architect." He's currently working on an as-yet-unnamed new search product that brings together all of the various information types that physicians need on a day-to-day basis to help treat their patients. Jenkins says, "I am responsible for making sure this product speaks directly to our intended users' needs-I am their advocate within our business."

To do this, Jenkins spent a large part of the last year in the field with physicians. "I also have to understand their motivations, biases, and habits around information-seeking behavior," Jenkins says, and he translates this ethnographic data into product requirements.

In A Day's Work:
A typical day might include working on the indexing and search requirements
for the new product, followed by a review of application aesthetics with the marketing team, collaboration with development and design teams to map out user workflows, and competitive analysis. "Toss in a couple of meetings with the content editorial group and vendors," Jenkins says, "and I have just enough time to respond to urgent emails before the day comes to an end."

Most Memorable Customer Encounter:

"I once conducted a contextual interview with a cardiologist who spent the first 10 minutes telling me how awful he thought our products were. I persuaded him to perform a couple of searches on competing applications and watched him struggle to find the information he was looking for. Then I asked him to execute his search on our new system, and the information he wanted was first on the results list. He sheepishly said he was sorry for his earlier tirade and was quite interested in our product."

View From The Desk:
"My assigned office is in NYC where I have a lovely view of Park Avenue,
but I rarely find myself there. I am generally looking at the world pass by
from whatever hotel, plane, or train window I find myself next to."

Outside Interest:
"I enjoy reading, catching up with friends, exploring different types of wine,
and attending concerts."

If Not Econtent, Then What?
"My dream job would be in arts education and/or management. My background was in music performance and education. It would be interesting to combine my experiences in the business world with those from the arts."