Brendan Galla, Product Manager, Alacra, Inc.

Brendan Galla

Name With The Face:
Brendan Galla

Job Title:
Product Manager

Alacra, Inc.


Job Function
In his multifaceted role as product manager at Alacra, which provides workflow tools to aggregate, filter, and package business information, Brendan Galla oversees Alacra Compliance solutions, which aim to address regulatory and risk compliance requirements. "Some days I will be locked into my chair, headphones on, surfing the web to compile competitive intelligence. On others I'll be out visiting clients or potential clients to conduct market research or give product demonstrations," Galla says.

He also manages content partner relationships for several database vendors, which involves anything from troubleshooting technical problems to adding enhancements as they become available. Galla says, "I have responsibility for several large existing client implementations. Alongside account management, I make sure the client is aware of new product enhancements and identify necessary changes to make the product more useful to them."

In A Day's Work
One of Galla's first tasks of the day is to call his developer counterpart in London for an update on product issues. After organizing his task list, Galla's typical day includes "meetings, meetings, and more meetings." These might be in-person or web-based client demos, or they may be internal meetings to discuss client or product events. Galla says, "On most days there will be some sort of fire drill caused by a release, a new deadline, or a client problem."

Most Memorable Customer Encounter
"At a previous job I often patrolled desk to desk setting up trial accounts for users. During a setup we encountered an issue, and I advised the trader to hit Ctrl + X on his keyboard. In all previous setups, this had resolved the particular issue we were having. But on this one occasion, it completely erased the trader's portfolio from his main trading platform. Needless to say, one angry trader, an embarrassed salesman, and a new nickname later, we didn't get the sale."

View From The Desk
"My desk is a cube although there is only one wall. I am surrounded by several lovely individuals, some of whom are not aware of what the term ‘inside voice' means."

Outside Interest
"My two young kids have zapped most of the hobby time out of my life, but I enjoy playing sports, hanging at the beach, sailing, and [doing] projects around the house."

If Not Econtent, Then What?
"I could see myself running a landscaping company. Otherwise, anything to do with the fantasy sports industry would be ideal."